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Digital Visual Cultural

This podcast is designed to give you an insight into the University of Oxford's digital - visual - cultural series of events. The series is interested in exploring the impact of digital visualising technologies on contemporary life and hope to give you a taste of why you should be too! Bite-sized episodes will introduce you to a range of themes and discussions, as well as multiple voices from academia and industry.

The first series flows out of the second event, Digital Visual Publics, hosted at St John's College, Oxford earlier this year. The event was organised by Gillian Rose, Professor of Human Geography at the School of Geography and the Environment at the University of Oxford, and examined the intersection between digital visualising technologies and the making of urban publics. We hope you enjoy!

If you like what you hear and fancy joining in the conversation, please get in touch:
Either via our website: https://dvcultural.org/contact

Or Twitter: @dvcultural

# Episode Title Description People Date
5 Episode 1: introducing digital - visual - cultural Welcome to this series of podcasts designed to give you an insight into the University of Oxford’s digital - visual - cultural series of events. Gillian Rose, Adam Michael Packer 29 May 2019
4 Episode 2: digital technologies and cultural heritage In this podcast, we discuss the interaction between digital technologies and cultural heritage. Kathryn Eccles, Padmini Ray Murray, Alice Watson 29 May 2019
3 Episode 3: applications of digital visualising technologies This podcast focuses on two examples of citizen participation, and interaction with, urban technologies. Jennifer Gabrys, Adam Michael Packer, susa Pop 29 May 2019
2 Episode 4: storytelling In this podcast, we trace the ways that storytelling threads through the discussions held throughout the conference. Ayona Datta, Philippa Tipper and Clare Walton, Alice Watson 29 May 2019
1 Episode 5: imagined futures In today's podcast we delve into two different projects that engage with the theme of imagined futures. Monica Degen, Professor John Wylie, Adam Michael Packer 29 May 2019