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Department for Continuing Education Open Day 2012

The Department welcomed members of the public by the hundreds to this year's Open Day, 14 November. Guests attended 33 events - short lectures, workshops, informational sessions and walking tours - all free of charge. Here is a small selection of the events that happened on the day.

# Episode Title Description People Date
8 Creative Commons The Num8er My5teries Professor Marcus du Sautoy - mathematician, footballer and amateur musician - shows how mathematicians have contributed to our understanding of the world around us for millennia. Marcus du Sautoy 19 Dec 2012
7 Economics: which way now? Dr Martin Ruhs introduces the Department's expanding portfolio of economics courses, in the context of the on-going debate about where economics is headed, starting with the world economic downturn. Martin Ruhs 19 Dec 2012
6 Creative Commons Henry II and the Twelfth-Century World Dr Elizabeth Gemmill introduces the most remarkable monarch, Henry II, whose dominions stretched from the south west of France to the north of Britain. His achievements have lasted until our own times, but his reign was marred by tragedy too. Elizabeth Gemmill 19 Dec 2012
5 Creative Commons W.B. Yeats and the Ghost Club Dr Tara Stubbs uses exciting new research findings to discuss the close links between Yeats's attendances at the Ghost Club during the 1910s-1920s, his (sometimes amusing) spiritualist experiments, and his poetic works. Tara Stubbs 19 Dec 2012
4 Creative Commons Boulevards, Brushwork and Bugattis : Modern Art and Design in Paris In the nineteenth-century Paris was transformed into an alluring spectacle of cafés, department stores and exhibitions. Dr Claire O'Mahony looks at the inspiration of the modern city of light from Impressionist painters to the glamour of Art Deco. Claire O'Mahony 19 Dec 2012
3 Creative Commons Philosophy in 45 minutes! Marianne Talbot takes participants on a romp through the nature of philosophy for complete beginners discussing some of the BIG questions of life: does God exist? How should we live? What is truth? Does space come to an end or is it infinite? Marianne Talbot 19 Dec 2012
2 Creative Commons From global credit-crunch to Eurocrisis and double-dip recession: whatever next? The 25 years up to the 2007-8 global credit crunch were ones of privatisation, deregulation, financialisation and, in the UK, demutualisation. Professor Jonathan Michie will discuss the causes and consequences of the global credit crunch. Jonathan Michie 19 Dec 2012
1 Creative Commons Shedding light on the dark ages The Dark Ages are traditionally seen as nasty, brutish and short - a cultural and intellectual waste land, with virtually nothing worthy of art historical consideration. But Janina argues this is far from the truth. Janina Ramirez 05 Dec 2012