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The Credit Crunch and Global Recession

A podcast series about the credit crunch and global recession featuring Oxford academics. This series will examine how the current crisis developed, analyse market and government responses to it, and look at what might happen next.

# Episode Title Description People Date
8 Creative Commons Global Recession: How Did it Happen? Linda Yueh talks to Jonathan Michie about the credit crunch and looming global recession, the effect it has had on both banks and businesses, and how a Green New Deal may provide a solution to the crisis. Linda Yueh, Jonathan Michie 22 Dec 2008
7 Creative Commons Bank Bail-outs and Obama's Green New Deal In this second podcast, Linda Yueh and Jonathan Michie discuss President Obama's Green New Deal, banking bail-outs, quantitative easing and whether we can spend our way out of the economic crisis. Linda Yueh, Jonathan Michie 28 Jan 2009
6 Creative Commons Credit Crunch Live Economics students of St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford pose questions to a panel of experts about the credit crunch and global recession. Linda Yueh, Martin Slater, Outi Aarnio, John Knight 25 Feb 2009
5 Creative Commons G20: Solutions to Global Depression? In this fourth podcast Linda Yueh and Jonathan Michie discuss the G20 debates over co-ordinated fiscal expansion, global regulation, and the role of the IMF. Linda Yueh, Jonathan Michie 31 Mar 2009
4 Creative Commons UK Budget and Global Recovery Plans In Part 5, our experts examine the British economy in light of the recent Budget, and assess whether a global recovery may be on the horizon. Linda Yueh, Jonathan Michie, Martin Slater 04 Jun 2009
3 Creative Commons Challenging Macroeconomics In part 6, our experts examine new models for monetary and fiscal policy, global financial markets and a world economy characterised by global imbalances. Linda Yueh, Jonathan Michie, Martin Slater 11 Aug 2009
2 Creative Commons Bank bonuses, breakups and regulation In the first podcast of 2010, the experts discuss bank bonuses, proposed break-ups and tighter regulation of the banking and financial sectors. Linda Yueh, Jonathan Michie, Martin Slater 28 Jan 2010
1 Creative Commons Taming the Casino Banks In this podcast the experts discuss whether the 'casino' banks that are considered too big to fail are simply too big, and explain the arguments for and against splitting them up. Jonathan Michie, Martin Slater, Linda Yueh 15 Mar 2010