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Complexity and Systemic Risk: Hilary Term Seminar Series 2010

Many of the systemic risks that we will need to address in the 21st century depend crucially on the often unanticipated consequences of interactions within and between different types of systems. The emerging, interdisciplinary field of complex systems provides a shared language as well as mathematical and computational models that can help us understand the challenges we face in this increasingly interconnected world. In this seminar series, leading researchers will explore the implications of a complex systems approach for systemic risks in ecosystems, financial systems, urban systems, and human societies.

# Episode Title Description People Date
6 Cooperation, Norms and Conflict: Towards Simulating the Foundations of Society In order to understand social systems, it is essential to identify the circumstances under which individuals spontaneously start cooperating or developing shared behaviors, norms, and culture. Dirk Helbing 05 Mar 2010
5 Creative Commons Predicting the Behaviour of Techno-Social Systems: How Informatics and Computing Help to Fight Off Global Pandemics We live in an increasingly interconnected world of 'techno-social' systems, where infrastructures composed of different technological layers are interoperating within the social component that drives their use and development. Alessandro Vespignani 25 Feb 2010
4 Creative Commons Ocean Circulation and Climate: Observing and Modelling the Global Ocean The oceans are a critical component of the climate system, storing roughly 1000 times as much heat, and 50 times as much carbon, as the atmosphere. David Marshall 18 Feb 2010
3 Creative Commons Anticipating Future Complexity: Are Systems Such as Cities Getting More Complex? Cities are getting more complex as their residents acquire more and more ways in which they can interact with one another. Mike Batty 17 Feb 2010
2 Creative Commons Growth, Innovation, and the Pace of Life from Cells and Ecosystems to Cities and Corporations; Are They Sustainable? Growth, Innovation, and the Pace of Life from Cells and Ecosystems to Cities and Corporations; Are They Sustainable? Geoffrey West 05 Feb 2010
1 Creative Commons Stability and Complexity in Model Banking Systems The recent banking crises have made it clear that increasingly complex strategies for managing risk in individual banks and investment funds (pension funds, etc) has not been matched by corresponding attention to overall systemic risks. Robert May 22 Jan 2010