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Children's Language and Literacy Impairments

Podcasts from the Oxford Study of Children's Communications Impairments particularly focusing on Professor Dorothy Bishop's research. The primary aim of it is to increase our understanding of why some children have specific language impairment (SLI), a condition diagnosed when the child has unusual difficulty in language acquisition, despite normal development in other areas.
"The approach taken in this programme is to obtain convergent evidence using a range of methods and populations. The question can be addressed at three levels: behavioural, neurological, and etiological. At the behavioural level, we can ask what it is about language learning that gives these children so much difficulty. In particular, we shall focus on the role of auditory perceptual deficits in causing SLI. At the neurological level, we will look for differences in brain processing between children with SLI and other groups. At the etiological level, the goal is to document genetic and environmental influences that can account for phenotypic variation in language development."

# Episode Title Description People Date
5 The causes of Specific Language Impairment Professor Dorothy Bishop gives a talk for the RALLI (Raising Awareness of Language Learning Impairments) Campaign on Language Impairments. Dorothy Bishop 23 Jul 2012
4 When Should We Be Worried About Late Talkers? Professor Dorothy Bishop gives a talk for the RALLI (Raising Awareness of Language Learning Impairments) Campaign. Dorothy Bishop 23 Jul 2012
3 Varieties of Language Impairment in Children Professor Dorothy Bishop gives a talk on the different types of language impairment in children. Dorothy Bishop 23 Jul 2012
2 Specific Language Impairment and Developmental Dyslexia: Syndromes, Memes and Illusions Professor Dorothy Bishop gives the keynote presentation at the 2012 British Psychological Society Annual Conference. Dorothy Bishop 23 Jul 2012
1 Creative Commons Language disorders in children: What can they tell us about genes and brains? Recent studies have shown that genes are strongly implicated in determining if children will develop language disorders. In this talk, Professor Bishop examines the role genetics play in language development and language disorders. Dorothy Bishop 28 Oct 2009