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Centre for Personalised Medicine

Welcome to the Centre for Personalised Medicine podcast, where we explore the promises and pitfalls of personalised medicine and ask questions about the ethical and societal challenges it creates.

The Centre for Personalised Medicine is a partnership between the University of Oxford’s Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics and St Anne’s College, Oxford. It is a communication, engagement and research vehicle for students, academics, clinicians, the public and policy makers to explore the benefits and challenges of personalised medicine. The Centre’s principal aim is to explore personalised medicine from a range of perspectives.

In the pilot series, we interviewed members of the Centre for Personalised Medicine advisory board about their careers and their views on personalised medicine.

In our current series, we speak to researchers in the Clinical Ethics, Law and Society group at Oxford and Southampton to hear about their work on the different ethical and societal issues within personalised medicine.

# Episode Title Description People Date
10 Series 2 Episode 8 - Navigating a genetic diagnosis What might it be like to navigate a genetic diagnosis and share it with family members? We talk to Julie Young from the CanGene CanVar patient reference panel about her experience. Rachel Horton, Gabrielle Samuel, Julie Young 12 Jun 2023
9 Creative Commons Series 2 Episode 7 - Why research regulation falls short in genomic medicine As a society, we tend to focus a lot on risk and try to control it through regulation - but how well does that work for ensuring ethical practice in genomics? We talk to Dr Kate Lyle about her research on this topic. Rachel Horton, Gabrielle Samuel, Kate Lyle 02 May 2023
8 Series 2 Episode 6 - Diversifying genomics What are the ethical challenges with diversifying genomic data? We talk to Faranak Hardcastle about her work exploring this. Rachel Horton, Gabrielle Samuel, Faranak Hardcastle 07 Mar 2023
7 Series 2 Episode 5 - Who's 'the patient' in genomic medicine? We live our lives alongside others, and our decisions have consequences for those close to us - what does this mean for how we define 'the patient' in genomic medicine? Susie Weller talks to us about this issue. Rachel Horton, Gabrielle Samuel, Susie Weller 25 Jan 2023
6 Series 2 Episode 4 - Newborn genome screening What sort of findings might we get from newborn genome screening? What might this mean for the NHS? Rachel Horton talks to Gabby Samuel and Lisa Ballard. Rachel Horton, Gabrielle Samuel, Lisa Ballard 20 Oct 2022
5 Series 2 Episode 3 - Sharing genetic results within families Who does a genetic result belong to? What might help people to share genetic information with their relatives? We talk to Lisa Ballard and Anneke Lucassen. Rachel Horton, Gabrielle Samuel, Lisa Ballard, Anneke Lucassen 16 Aug 2022
4 Creative Commons Series 2 Episode 2 - Why context matters in genetic testing How can the same genetic finding can mean different things in different people? What does this mean for 'personalising' genetic results? Anneke Lucassen talks to us about this issue. Rachel Horton, Gabrielle Samuel, Anneke Lucassen 18 Jul 2022
3 Series 2 Episode 1 - The environmental cost of personalised medicine How does personalised medicine impact on the environment? What does this mean for how we should collect and store data? Gabrielle Samuel talks to us about these issues. Rachel Horton, Gabrielle Samuel, Susie Weller 16 Jun 2022
2 Series 1 Episode 2 - Meet the Advisory Board: Dame Mary Archer In the second episode of the Meet the Advisory Board Series we talked to Dame Mary Archer about personalised medicine in practice, her academic career and her plethora of other roles she has held and is holding at the moment. Anika Knuppel, Jiyoon Lee, Dame Mary Archer 25 Jun 2021
1 Series 1 Episode 1 - Meet the Advisory Board: Dr Magdalena Skipper In the first episode of the Meet the Advisory Board Series we talked to Dr Magdalena Skipper to find out about her remarkable career in academia, science publishing and her views on personalised medicine. Magdalena Skipper 31 Mar 2021