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Border Criminologies

Border Criminologies brings together academics, practitioners and those who have experienced border control from around the world. Showcasing original research from a range of perspectives, we hope to better understand the effect of border control and to explore alternatives. Through an emphasis on visual resources and first hand accounts we hope to flesh out our understanding of the lived experience of law and policy and to develop the emerging field of inquiry into border control within criminology.

# Episode Title Description People Date
22 Creative Commons Crimmigration and Refugees in Australia: Visa Cancellation on Criminality Grounds and 'Living in the Community' as Punishment and Deterrence Crimmigration and Refugees in Australia: Visa Cancellation on Criminality Grounds and 'Living in the Community' as Punishment and Deterrence Anthea Vogl 12 Nov 2019
21 Northern Borders: Addressing Immigration Detention, Deportation, and Degradation in Scandinavia and the UK Annika Lindberg Shahram Khosravi and Victoria Canning give a talk for the Border Criminologies series on 22nd January 2019. Annika Lindberg, Shahram Khosravi, Victoria Canning 12 Feb 2019
20 Words Matter: The Politics of Identity in Increasingly Harsh Migration and Crime Control Policies Yolanda Vazquez, University of Cincinnati - 24 Nov 2016 Yolanda Vazquez 12 Apr 2017
19 Counter-terrorism as Border Control: Contest, Prevent, and all the legislation in between Maria Norris, LSE - 29 Nov 2016 Maria Norris 12 Apr 2017
18 Banished to Jamaica: Portraits of Deportation Luke de Noronha, University of Oxford - 24 Jan 2017 Luke de Noronha 12 Apr 2017
17 Creative Commons Human Trafficking: The Rise (and Fall?) of The Strasbourg Case Marie-Benedicte Dembour, University of Brighton - 5/10/2016 Marie-Benedicte Dembour 27 Oct 2016
16 Stuck in the middle: Waiting and Uncertainty in Immigration Detention Sarah Turnbull - Centre for Criminology - 7 October 2014 at National Law University, Delhi Sarah Turnbull 06 Jan 2015
15 Immigration Enforcement Prof Jennifer Chacon, School of Law, University of California - 12 November 2014 Jennifer Chacon 06 Jan 2015
14 Undocumented: The Architecture of Migrant Detention Tings Chak - 8 December 2014 Tings Chak 17 Dec 2014
13 Creative Commons Excision, Exclusion and Exile: Australia's Refugee Policy and Responsibility Shifting in the Asia-Pacific Dr Michelle Foster, Melbourne Law School Michelle Foster 16 May 2014
12 Creative Commons Women’s experiences of detention Sarah Campbell (Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID), UK) Sarah Campbell 31 Mar 2014
11 So many ways to love you: Negotiating love in a prison Rimple Metha (Jadavpur University, India) Rimple Metha 31 Mar 2014
10 Creative Commons A prison that isn't a prison: Globalization, mobility control, and state power Thomas Ugelvik (University of Oslo, Norway) Thomas Ugelvik 31 Mar 2014
9 Creative Commons Time, space, and trust: Some methodological challenges of researching immigration detention Sarah Turnbull (University of Oxford, UK) Sarah Turnbull 31 Mar 2014
8 Experiencing immigration detention Kizza Musinguizi (London, UK) Kizza Musinguizi 31 Mar 2014
7 Creative Commons Prisons as places to negotiate ‘illegality’ Steven De Ridder (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) Steven De Ridder 31 Mar 2014
6 Borders: A view from ‘nowhere’ Rimple Metha (Jadavpur University, India) Rimple Metha 31 Mar 2014
5 From banlieue youth to undocumented migrant: Illegalized foreign-nationals in penal institutions and public space Carolina Sanchez Boe (Aarhus University) Carolina Sanchez Boe 31 Mar 2014
4 Strengths and constraints of the prison life: Identity and sense of belonging of imprisoned maras in Honduras Lirio Gutiérrez Rivera Lirio Gutiérrez Rivera 31 Mar 2014
3 Creative Commons Trajectories and identities of foreign national women: Rethinking prison through the lens of gender and citizenship Raquel Matos (Catolica University) Raquel Matos 31 Mar 2014
2 Creative Commons The neocolonial prison and the ‘mark’ of whiteness in current Argentina: Race, gender and chronopolitics in media accounts of incarcerated immigrant population Victoria Pereyra (Warwick University) Victoria Pereyra 31 Mar 2014
1 Creative Commons The End of Settler Societies and Why it Changes Immigration Professor Catherine Dauvergne, University of British Columbia Catherine Dauvergne 26 Feb 2014