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BOOKNESS at the Bodleian Library

The Bodleian Library in Oxford has books. Lots of books. But also books that don’t look like books. Books that self-destruct. Books that decay.
Join librarian Jo Maddocks and conservator Alice Evans to explore the wonderful world of the Bodleian’s artists’ books and discover what makes a book a book.
This podcast is for book lovers, book nerds and book makers.

Brought to you by the Bodleian Library’s Centre for the Study of the Book.

# Episode Title Description People Date
7 Creative Commons S2 Ep2: BOOKNESS with Kevin Steele BOOKNESS talks to graphic designer and book artist Kevin Steele about his pop-up book ‘The Movable Book of Letterforms’, which is on display in the Bodleian’s exhibition ‘Alphabet’s Alive!’ until the end of January 2024. Alice Evans, Jo Maddocks, Kevin Steele 13 Dec 2023
6 S2 Ep1: BOOKNESS with Paul Johnson BOOKNESS talks to book artist Paul Johnson about his pop-up book ‘Dies Natalis’, which was created as a gift to the Bodleian library for the Gifts and Books exhibition. Alice Evans, Jo Maddocks, Paul Johnson 13 Oct 2023
5 Creative Commons S1 Ep5: BOOKNESS with Justine Provino On the 30th anniversay of its publication, BOOKNESS talks to book conservator and PhD candidate Justine Provino about her research into the self-destructing book 'Agrippa'. Alice Evans, Jo Maddocks, Justine Provino 09 Dec 2022
4 S1 Ep4: BOOKNESS with Stephen Emmerson BOOKNESS talks to poet and artist Stephen Emmerson about his book 'Translation of Die Aufzeichnungen des Malte Laurids Brigge', a paperback novel 'translated' into mushrooms. Alice Evans, Jo Maddocks, Stephen Emmerson 21 Nov 2022
3 Creative Commons S1 Ep3: BOOKNESS with Yiota Demetriou BOOKNESS talks to multi-media artist Yiota Demetriou about her book 'To You', a book made with thermal ink that requires the intimacy and heat of the reader's hands to reveal its text. Alice Evans, Jo Maddocks, Yiota Demetriou 15 Nov 2022
2 S1 Ep2: BOOKNESS with Ben Denzer In the first episode in this series, BOOKNESS talks to book designer and artist Ben Denzer, about a book he has created from 20 slices of Kraft American cheese. Alice Evans, Jo Maddocks, Ben Denzer 08 Nov 2022
1 S1 Ep1: Welcome to BOOKNESS Welcome to BOOKNESS, a podcast from the Centre for the Study of the Book at the Bodleian Libraries exploring artists' books made of unusual materials… Alice Evans, Jo Maddocks, Chris Fletcher, Emma Smith 08 Nov 2022