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Biodiverse Objects

This series of three epic (length-wise ;-)) podcasts takes a close look at some fascinating and surprising objects in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. It is a kind of fringe-event to go hand in hand with the major redisplay happening at the Museum in 2022.

Each podcast is a journey of discovery through the nooks and crannies of the Museum, talking to researchers and experts on the way.

We will seek out the rarely seen or heard-about enigmatic objects in the Museum and their stories – scientific, historical and personal. These objects can be specimens, natural objects, artefacts, tools, or even museum interna such as conservation fluids. What they all have in common is that they speak to us about ecology and biodiversity. Both terms are linked – without constantly evolving ecological relationships there is no biodiversity. Is there such a thing as “biodiverse objects”?

# Episode Title Description People Date
3 Biodiversity on the rocks: joining the dots between animate and inanimate This podcast explores some of the countless relationships between biology, biodiversity, and geology, past and present. Elaine Charwat, Esteban Acevedo Trejos, Mark Carnall, Lita Manners 31 Aug 2022
2 Extinction and the Museum: skeletons and other remains in our cupboards In this podcast, we look at extinction and the role of collections and museums. Elaine Charwat, Mark Carnall, Jackie Chapman-Gray, Robert Douglas 31 Aug 2022
1 On display: nature’s dramas, nature’s dioramas A journey from 3D dioramas from the 19th century that contain taxidermy animals to today’s virtual reality reconstructions of ancient or hidden worlds. Elaine Charwat, Ricardo Perez-De-La Fuente, Katrin Böhme 26 Aug 2022