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Welcome to Alliance: a podcast about the humanities and existential risk. Existential risks are risks that threaten to wipe out humanity or destroy human civilisation, like nuclear warfare, climate change and artificial intelligence. Join us as we discover what the humanities - history, philosophy, literature and the arts - have to say about them.

This series is run by Alice Evatt (DPhil Philosophy, Balliol College) and Henry Tann (DPhil, History, Balliol College). The series is sponsored by the Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH) and the Balliol Interdisciplinary Institute. It was also the recipient of the AHRC/TORCH Graduate Fund 2017/2018.
Please visit https://www.humanitiesxrisk.com for more information.

# Episode Title Description People Date
3 Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness Could an AI be conscious? If so, how could we tell? What would a conscious AI mean for the possible risks that AI pose to humanity? In this episode we speak to Professor David Chalmers (NYU) about philosophy, consciousness and AI. David Chalmers, Alice Evatt, Henry Tann 07 May 2019
2 Climate Change and Literature: Reading Change Can literature help us understand and deal with climate change? In this episode, we talk to Dr. Jemma Deer, an Environmental Fellow at the Harvard University Center for the Environment, about how literature can help us rethink climate change. Jemma Deer, Alice Evatt, Henry Tann 05 Mar 2019
1 Creative Commons North Korea and The Bomb: A National Mission Why did North Korea nuclearize? Are we on the cusp of nuclear war with North Korea? Join us in the first episode of Alliance as we talk to Historian Cheehyung Harrison Kim about North Korea, nuclear weapons and existential risk. Cheehyung Harrison Kim, Alice Evatt, Henry Tann 15 Feb 2019