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Richard Boyd

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Duration: 0:57:45 | Added: 15 Sep 2020
Derek Hockaday interviews Richard Boyd, emeritus professor, lecturer in Medicine and fellow of Brasenose College, 30 August 2013.

Topics discussed include: (00:00:08) childhood, coming to Merton College, Oxford; (00:01:56) comparing teaching methods between Cambridge and Oxford; (00:03:00) entrance into Oxford including interview; (00:04:18) practical work; (00:05:25) medical schools and teaching staff; (00:06:50) pharmacology; (00:09:25) BSc research (00:10:59) Path and Bac course; (00:12:00) moving to University College Hospital London, 1967 and comparisons with Oxford; (00:16:08) time in Papa New Guinea; (00:17:56) PhD thesis; (00:20:22) Rod Porter as head of clinical department; (00:21:58) Job in Dundee department of Physiology; (00:24:10) returning to Oxford from Dundee; (00:25:58) role as medical tutor for Brasenose College; (00:33:39) cholera treatment; (00:36:49) college life; (00:41:25) effect of internet on medicine; (00:43:04) changes seen in the Oxford Medical School; (00:44:52) pre-clinical students and changes to the pre-clinical courses; (00:52:00) setting up the synoptic paper on pre-clinical course; (00:52:50) evolution of Oxford pre clinical school compared to Cambridge; (00:54:25) writing and editing; (00:55:56) involvement in grant awarding bodies.

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