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Research Behind... Use the Digital to Make the World you Want to See

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Duration: 0:17:41 | Added: 08 Jan 2018
The research behind a song about mapping the internet and how it links to our physical world, based on research by Prof Mark Graham at the University of Oxford.

The internet reflects our physical world, but much of what we see is controlled by internet companies, and isn't always accurate. So what can we do about it to make the internet more equal and representative? This interview talks to the researcher Mark Graham, who collaborated with songwriter Jonny Berliner to write a song about the research. Prof. Mark Graham who works at the Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford. This is part of the Musical Abstracts project as part of the Curiosity Carnival. For more information see http://www.markgraham.space/internet-information-geography/ and follow Mark on Twitter: @geoplace. www.curiositycarnival.org.

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