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Professor Sara Khalid

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Duration: 0:27:18 | Added: 01 Aug 2023
Georgina Ferry interviews Sara Khalid, Associate Professor, 31 March 2023.

Topics discussed include (00:01:00) early interest in engineering science, studies in Pakistan, Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford and specialism in biomedical engineering; (00:02:15) Planetary Health research group; (00:05:55) incorporation of climate data in recent studies; (00:10:54) first awareness of COVID-19; (00:15:59) international collaborations, Observational Health Data Sciences Initiative consortia; (00:18:40) observational data relating to the COVID-19 pandemic; (00:23:01) personal experience of COVID-19, threat from infection; (00:24:57) study relating to inequities in healthcare; (00:26:23) changes to work as a result of the pandemic.

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