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Professor Matthew Snape

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Duration: 1:21:10 | Added: 22 May 2023
Georgina Ferry interviews Matthew Snape, Visiting Professor (University of Oxford Department of Paediatrics), 22 November 2022

Topics discussed include (00:00:30) early interest in medicine, medical school studies in Melbourne, interest in paediatrics, work overseas in London at St Mary's children's intensive care unit, focus on vaccines to treat meningitis; (00:02:40) work at Oxford at the Oxford Vaccine Group, focus on MenB vaccine; (00:03:51) special issues involved in administering vaccines to children through clinical trials; (00:06:10) introduction and licencing of vaccine for MenB disease; (00:07:25) work on other vaccines including for swine flu; (00:10:50) Ebola vaccine studies; (00:11:55) first awareness of COVID-19, vaccine development at Oxford, work on the delivery of the clinical trial; (00:17:46) serology study, What's the Story? [Serum Test Of Representative Youngsters]; (00:25:03) Com-Cov study [Comparing COVID-19 Vaccine Schedule Combinations]; (00:33:50) results of the study; (00:35:55) work with Oxford Immunotec on processing T cell samples; (00:37:59) reactions owing to mixed combinations of vaccines; (00:39:44) replication of study with additional vaccines, including Moderna and Novavax; (00:40:33) Com-Cov3 study and immunisation of teenagers; (00:42:23) vaccination of children and response to this; (00:44:15) ethics of immunising children; (00:45:45) herd immunity; (00:48:38) extra testing during Com-Cov3 study; (00:49:45) outcome of Com-Cov3 study; (00:53:40) move to Moderna and current work as Vice President, Paediatric and Maternal Vaccines; (00:59:25) differences between academic and industry environments; (01:03:04) personal response to COVID-19 and the threat of infection; (01:07:42) working on-site during the pandemic; (01:08:40) recruitment for the Com-Cov study; (01:10:45) mental health and wellbeing; (01:11:35) changes in approach to work as a result of the pandemic; (01:14:59) flexibility around vaccine use during a pandemic and lessons for the future; (01:17:53) preparedness for a future pandemic.

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