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Professor Kristin van Zwieten

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Duration: 1:03:15 | Added: 02 Nov 2022
Georgina Ferry interviews Kristin van Zwieten, Professor of Law and Finance, 23 February 2022.

Topics discussed include (00:00:27) KVZ's studies at Oxford, Bachelor's in Civil Law, MPhil in Law, DPhil in Corporate Insolvency Law in India, research posts in Cambridge and Oxford; (00:03:07) overarching research interest; (00:04:58) methodology for research, including working with primary sources, collaborative and interdisciplinary working including with colleagues Horst Eidenmuller and Oren Sussman; (00:08:22) Government policy and corporate insolvency; (00:13:52) first memory of COVID-19 and opportunities for research; (00:19:34) early stages of the COVID research project relating to Government intervention during the pandemic; (00:25:12) presentation of paper to institutions with influence on Government policy; (00:28:10) later focus on Government response and corporate bankruptcy laws, with support through the COVID-19 Research Response Fund [project title COVID-19 Public Policy and Commercial Law]; (00:37:43) fraud relating to COVID-19 financial relief; (00:39:25) balance between bail-ins and bail-outs; (00:44:55) interdisciplinary nature of the project and ability to work collaboratively; (00:46:38) changes to approach to work in the future; (00:49:20) KVZ's personal response to COVID-19, family in Australia; (00:51:20) home-schooling, remote work and online teaching; (00:54:04) the impact of the pandemic on well-being and work life; (00:57:22) insights and lessons for the future and potential for new research; (01:00:30) the level of expertise of government treasuries and finance ministries.

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