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Professor Cathy Creswell

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Duration: 0:51:59 | Added: 04 Jan 2023
Georgina Ferry interviews Cathy Creswell, Professor of Developmental Clinical Psychology, 7 April 2022.

Topics discussed include (00:00:20) interest and education in clinical psychology, particularly in child and adolescent mental health developed during training, also a PhD in anxiety problems in children; (00:01:30) anxiety problems in children and adolescents, particularly persistent anxiety that interferes with daily life; (00:04:00) projects focusing on anxiety in children, particularly prevention and early intervention, including iCATS; (00:07:45) online intervention tool [OSI], using principles of cognitive behaviour therapy; (00:12:00) families and a history of anxiety; (00:13:51) early awareness of COVID-19 in February 2020; (00:14:52) impact of COVID-19 on children and families, particularly regarding restrictions; (00:15:35) Co-SPACE study and work with Polly Waite, including setting up the study as a survey to track children's mental health over time; (00:16:34) participant recruitment, particularly utilising UKRI-funded research network Emerging Minds; (00:18:29) data collection from 9,000 families, two year follow-up survey, analyses of the sample and findings; (00:20:00) trajectory of change for different people, including worsening or improvement of mental health over time; (00:21:07) qualitative interviews, reactions to the different lockdowns; (00:21:58) OxWELL study; (00:22:43) interventions and support relating to concerns for emotional impact on children, collaboration and development of an app [Parent Positive] offering parents support; (00:25:00) randomised control trial Co-CAT; (00:26:13) CoRAY study, relating to the mental health of teenagers, particularly dealing with social isolation and loneliness and uncertainty; (00:27:20) work with partner organisations on evidence-based resources for young people, including production company Fully Focused and BBC Bitesize; (00:28:43) development of a programme to promote these resources and provide further information and materials to schools; (00:29:35) contribution to policy making, production of reports, communication with the Department of Education; (00:31:58) work with teachers, involvement in lesson delivery and resources; (00:34:12) collaborative working as a result of the pandemic; (00:36:25) changes in children's behaviour over the pandemic; (00:38:00) questions asked to participants during the study; (00:39:22) personal changes to work during the pandemic, including remote working, new starters, embracing technology; (00:41:10) personal reaction to the threat of COVID-19 infection; (00:42:07) worries relating to COVID-19 in child and parent study participants; (00:42:58) support for the wider Co-SPACE team; (00:46:00) contribution through work during the pandemic, adjustments to ways of work, remote working and flexibility; (00:48:10) future interests and research questions, particularly relating to inequalities and families living on low incomes; (00:50:15) initial findings and trial results, particularly relating to rollout at scale of digital intervention work.

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