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Professor Cameron Hepburn

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Duration: 0:58:01 | Added: 02 Nov 2022
Georgina Ferry interviews Cameron Hepburn, Professor of Environmental Economics, 15 March 2022.

Topics discussed include (00:00:31) CH's Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford, interest in environmental issues, MPhil in Economics, work at London School of Economics, set-up of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment; (00:01:46) purpose and aims of the Smith School; (00:03:35) main area of interest, including research on climate change, interdisciplinary work; (00:04:45) CH's first awareness of COVID-19, conversation with Professor Oliver Pybus on 6 January 2020, Oxford Review of Economic Policy and work to respond to COVID-19 through the journal; (00:07:09) commission of papers for a rapid response issue of the journal; (00:08:00) publication of the issue in May 2020, collaboration with a range of people on the economic and financial crisis induced by the pandemic; (00:11:36) economic policies and recovery; (00:15:10) use of the phrase 'Build Back Better'; (00:18:42) data collection for study, work with Brian O'Callaghan on the Global Recovery Observatory; (00:20:55) reaction to the global response to the challenges of the climate and pandemic; (00:22:42) greener responses to the pandemic recovery; (00:24:30) advice and work with various countries and global institutions relating to recovery policies; (00:26:00) work with businesses, goals to equip business to achieve net zero emissions; (00:29:32) collaboration between businesses relating to the environment; (00:32:52) work with politicians and civil servants relating to the improvement of society as a whole; (00:35:31) communication with the general public; (00:39:21) world outlook changes in the context of the pandemic, fundamental changes in the way people think about the environment; (00:43:57) future global investment to meet net zero target; (00:46:16) personal threat felt from COVID-19, risk to family and vaccinations; (00:49:14) impact of the pandemic on work life including remote working, impact on travel, family life and hobbies; (00:50:58) Climate Neutrality in Oxford, cross-collaboration with institutions on emission reduction and adoption of remote meetings and conferences; (00:53:34) changes in approach and attitudes to work as a result of the pandemic.

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