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Pierre Foex

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Duration: 1:16:49 | Added: 23 Aug 2021
Derek Hockaday interviews Pierre Foex, Emeritus Nuffield Professor of Anaesthetics, 21 November 2018.

Topics include: (00:00:12) coming to Oxford initially in 1970; (00:03:50) respiration unit at Churchill and the Radcliffe Infirmary; (00:05:20) Guillain-Barre and first case treated by temporary pace maker; (00:07:23) Dphil thesis on effect of carbon-dioxide on the heart and circulation; (00:10:38) research into beta blockers and anaesthesia; (00:13:00) relationship with the university; (00:16:07) teaching clinical students; (00:19:08) the Pain Clinic; (00:22:01) anaesthetic Dphil students; (00:26:07) moving from lecturer to professor to retired professor and university changes such as the Nuffield Benefaction including the field of grants; (00:31:20) relationships with surgeons, and memories of collaboration with Peter Morris as Nuffield Professor of Surgery; (00:40:51) working with the nurses and importance of nurses; (00:44:56) changes in fluid balance management throughout career; (00:49:07) differences in nursing between Geneva and Oxford; (00:50:50) balancing writing, lecturing, working and being involved on national scene as member of Council of the College of Anaesthetists and representative on the Oxford Radcliffe Trust Board; (01:00:24) interactions with Oxford relating to NHS university department; (01:05:30) comments on being in Oxford during first rate developments, impact of the Oxford Centre for Simulation at the John Radcliffe; (01:15:11) use of exercise electrocardiograms ECGs. Note the following sections of audio are redacted: 00:23:31-00:24:39, 00:55:42-00:56:19; 00:58:05-01:00:24.

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