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Peter Sleight

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Duration: 1:32:03 | Added: 15 Sep 2021
Derek Hockaday interviews Peter Sleight, research cardiologist and consultant physician, 22 September 2013.

Topics discussed include: (00:00:09) time at St Georges Hospital, London and time in San Francisco, work on receptors for the Bezold reflex; (00:07:40) coming to Oxford Physiology lab in 1964; (00:09:14) return to Oxford for senior Medical Research Council 3 year fellowship based in physiology; (00:11:45) balancing fibre picking with clinical work at Oxford; (00:12:55) sabbatical in Sydney, Australia, interest in carotid baroreceptor; (00:16:16) British Heart Foundation supported Chair in Cardiology, Sleight's application; (00:20:12) work as an on-take physician alongside consultancy, time with Dr Buzzard; (00:23:26) introducing pacemaker service in Oxford; (00:26:26) the development of the coronary care unit; (00:28:35) working with Salim Yusuf, Richard Peto and beginning of ISIS-1 trial - International Study of Infarct Survival; (00:35:03) cardiac radiology and catheterisation; (00:36:40) thrombolysis; (00:39:55) firm C, move to the John Radcliffe; (00:44:29) national and international groups; (00:48:02) funding; (00:52:33) involvement with students; (00:55:08) Russia; (01:09:09) comparison of standards of Oxford Medical School (clinical and nursing) and other places; (01:10:59) effect of ultrasound on cardiology; (01:13:59) research papers, sabbatical to Pavia; (01:22:07) change in hypertension interest and chairing clinical trials; (01:24:44) Barbara Casadei; (01:27:54) Rashkind procedure in New Delhi 1966. Note the following sections of audio are redacted: 00:39:37-00:39:54; 01:12:34-01:12:41; 01:13:38-01:13:47 and 01:25:28-01:26:16.

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