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Peter Cook

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Duration: 1:35:01 | Added: 06 Mar 2018
Georgina Ferry interviews Peter Cook as part of the

Peter Cook has retired from his post as Professor of Cell Biology, but continues to pursue his research half-time in the Dunn School as a departmental lecturer. He read Biochemistry as an undergraduate at Oxford, and moved to the Dunn School in 1967 to pursue research for a DPhil under the supervision of the head of department, Henry Harris. He has remained in the department ever since. Cook’s research as a graduate student used cell fusion to study how gene expression was controlled. His subsequent research has focused on the structural basis of transcription, looking at the coiling and folding of DNA in chromosomes and the interaction of the genetic material with enzymes. Working with a colleague in Engineering Science, he has set up a company called iotaSciences to develop an invention that can handle very small volumes of liquids for purposes such as biological experimentation. He is a Trustee of the Guy Newton Research Fund and chairs the CIU Trust set up by Neil Barclay.

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