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Peggy Frith

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Duration: 1:21:02 | Added: 24 Aug 2021
Interview with Peggy Frith, deputy Director of Clinical Studies for Oxford University Medical School and consultant ophthalmologist, conducted by Derek Hockaday, 15 Sep 2015.

Topics discussed include: (00:00:18) why Frith came to Oxford for clinical training; (00:02:01) admissions procedure into Oxford Medical School; (00:04:19) time as a clinical student; (00:06:55) finals and surgical viva; (00:10:29) house jobs post qualification; (00:12:42) paediatric surgeon role; (00:17:29) role as senior house officer at Nuffield Department of Medicine and memories of colleagues; (00:18:48) neurology work; (00:20:25) move into ophthalmology; (00:26:29) setting up neuro-opthalmology clinic and training flexibly in London; (00:30:45) working at the Dragon House as housemasters wife; (00:31:38) Oxford Eye Hospital; (00:33:01) setting up a London clinic service for HIV patients with retinitis; (00:39:23) Oxford Eye Hospital; (00:46:02) moving across to University in role as deputy Director of Clinical Studies; (00:49:16) pastoral care of medical students; (00:57:46) most enjoyable experiences in career; (01:01:11) addressing sexism in medicine; (01:04:44) publications and national meetings; (01:06:16) dermatology and skin clinic links; (01:11:39) position at New College; (01:13:53) Athena Swan; (01:14:44) Tingewick society; (01:17:25) Oxford compared to other medical schools and hospitals around the country. Note the following section of audio is redacted: 01:00:10-01:00:39.

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