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Nick Dudley

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Duration: 1:16:59 | Added: 10 Aug 2021
Derek Hockaday interviews Nick Dudley, consultant surgeon and founder member of the British Association of Endocrine Surgeons, 26 March 2014.

Topics discussed include: (00:00:15) Why Dudley came to oxford in 1968 as a registrar, surgical firms worked with; (00:01:55) involvement in paediatrics; (00:03:10) memories of registrar years in general surgery; (00:05:09) comparison of Oxford hospitals to London hospitals; (00:07:15) thoughts and memories of George Edward 'Ted' Maloney and other surgeons; (00:09:23) work in Melbourne including developing a new operation for oesophageal atresia; (00:10:31) teaching at Oxford, comments on the old firm system and comparisons of student contact; (00:11:45) paediatric surgery; (00:15:12) thyroid work; (00:18:26) difference between being a consultant and senior registrar; (00:20:06) research as a consultant, anorectal anomalies focus; (00:22:37) surgical travelling clubs; (00:29:55) views on Oxford pre-clinical and clinical training school; (00:31:59) linking up with local district hospitals, becoming regional adviser for the Royal College of Surgeons; (00:34:53) meetings for Chairman of The Court of Examiners; (00:37:37) publishing; (00:39:25) Peter Morris; (00:42:10) anaesthetists and theatre sisters; (00:45:02) moving to the John Radcliffe; (00:46:56) effect of imaging; (00:48:16) visiting clinics in North America; (00:49:48) impressions of United States; (00:53:00) breast screening; (00:54:17) involvement of administrators; (00:58:59) people of influence; (01:01:39) going to Lille; (01:04:20) changes in nursing; (01:05:47) final thoughts including grand rounds and lecturing in Beijing. Note the following sections of audio are redacted: 00:07:19-00:07:29; 00:56:20-00:56:49; 01:10:19-01:10:36.

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