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Neil Mortensen

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Duration: 1:00:16 | Added: 10 Sep 2021
Derek Hockaday interviews Neil Mortensen, consultant colorectal surgeon, 10 November 2014.

Topics discussed include: (00:00:20) moving to Oxford from senior lecturer role in Bristol; (00:02:39) Sidney Truelove and gastroenterology surgery; (00:03:39) general surgery; (00:06:33) introduction of specialisation in Oxford medicine; (00:08:11) the effect of specialisation on undergraduate and clinical teaching; (00:10:06) the national matching scheme; (00:11.32) effect of imaging on examining patients, importance of physical signs; (00.13:04) rectal cancer and imaging; (00.14:00) nursing in Oxford compared to Bristol, anaesthetists; (00:16:35) anal rectal physiology; (00:19:03) intraluminal ultrasound; (00.19:59) development of colitis treatment; (00.22:13) the Association of Colorectal Surgeons; (00.23:39) introduction of national bowel cancer screening program; (00.25:16) change in junior staffing during Mortensen's career; (00.28:05) the Oxford Colon Cancer Trust; (00.31:15) assisting other surgeons with surgery; (00.33:12) time outside Oxford for meetings and commitments including director of general, vascular, trauma surgery and gastroenterology role; (00.37:35) rise of the managerial class and rise of the administrator in medicine; (00.43:12) three session lists in surgery at the Churchill Hospital; (00.44:21) post-operative care; (00.46:33) publications; (00.48:35) private practice; (00.51:27) moving gastrointestinal surgery to the Churchill site near to Oncology ward; (00.56:37) work with Walter Bodmer; (00.57:46) genetic analysis. Note the following section of audio is redacted: 00:00:00-00:00:05.

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