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Mike Dunnill

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Duration: 0:32:26 | Added: 20 Jan 2022
Derek Hockaday interviews Mike Dunnill, researcher, pathologist and former Director of Clinical Studies,10 February 2012.

Topics discussed include: (00:00:10) first coming to Oxford from Bristol in 1956, Department of Pathology facilities; (00:04:00) becoming interested in medical education, George Pickering's committee for Medical School at Nottingham; (00:05:18) becoming Director of Clinical Studies in 1967; (00:06:15) report outlining changes to Honours schools coinciding with the Royal Commission on Medical Education,1969; (00:11:27) lunchtime post-mortem demonstrations; (00:15:21) the [Richard] Doll committee; (00:19:46) graduate assistants work in 1950s in Oxford; (00:21:10) staff on the Pathology course; (00:25:16) the Nuffield Committee; (00:26:38) increasing student numbers for clinical school; (00:28:10) George Pickering.

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