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Materiality and ‘Substance’: Talbot’s experiments in photomechanical printing

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Duration: 0:10:17 | Added: 20 Aug 2023
Francesca Strobino: Materiality and ‘Substance’: Talbot’s experiments in photomechanical printing

Abstract: This talk explores William Henry Fox Talbot’s photomechanical work, focusing on the materiality of his experimental practice. This talk discusses the complexity of experimental practice within photography – from metal plates and paper proofs to ink and etching compounds as well as the photographic and photoglyphic engraving processes which encompass a variety of materials and techniques. By looking into Talbot’s practice of designing and testing new photomechanical processes, I show how materials critically informed his approach, providing a precious insight into how Talbot’s view of photography was moulded and developed.

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