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Magnets, superfluids and superconductors

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Duration: 0:47:07 | Added: 01 Nov 2016
Second lecture "More is different" - how states of matter emerge from quantum theory Saturday morning of Theoretical Physics. With Professor Fabian Essler, introduction by Professor John Wheeler.

Fabian Essler will discuss the hugely successful framework for classifying possible states of quantum matter, pioneered by the great Russian Nobel Laureate, Lev Landau. This framework is conceptually remarkably simple, but is broad enough to describe physics ranging from magnets to superconductors to fundamental physics in the guise of relativistic quantum field theory and the Higgs phenomenon.
More on this mini-series;
The properties of all forms of matter, from the most mundane to the most exotic kinds produced in advanced laboratories, are consequences of the laws of quantum mechanics. Understanding how macroscopic behaviour emerges from microscopic laws in a system of many particles is one of the intellectually most demanding, yet most important, challenges of physics, and is the subject of this series of lectures.

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