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Leadership and Embedding a Culture of Innovation at the University of Manchester

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Duration: 0:50:44 | Added: 15 Sep 2015
A talk delivered by Jan Wilkinson at the Anybook Oxford Libraries Conference 2015 - Adapting for the Future: Developing Our Professions and Services, 21st July 2015.

Previous organisational development (strategy, structure, skills) for the University of Manchester Library has delivered some rewarding, and very necessary, results. Many old challenges have been addressed, and the Library is now enjoying a very positive profile within the University. A renewed ambition and energy emerged amongst staff during our strategic planning 2013-17, leading to a new approach to both strategy process, and implementation. We have just completed our first year of 'Leading, Challenging and Connecting'. Success in our newly stated aspirations will depend, not only on professional project management, but also on a concerted effort to increase innovation and risk-taking across the organisation. Jan will share the ways in which the Library is taking a hard look at its current culture, and plans to move the Library from good to great through creativity, liberation, and fun!

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