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Launch of new website to catalogue biases affecting health and medical research

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Duration: 0:39:59 | Added: 05 Feb 2018
Professor Carl Heneghan and Dr David Nunan from the Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine presented the launch of a new website that catalogues the important biases affecting health and medical research.

The website is in response to a call-to-arms raised nearly 40 years ago by the late David Sackett, where he called for 'The continued development of an annotated catalog of bias. Each citation should include a useful definition, a referenced example illustrating the magnitude and direction of its effects, and a description of the appropriate preventive measures, if any. I volunteer for this task, would welcome collaboration, and would appreciate receiving nominations and examples of additional biases.'
In honour of David's memory and legacy, the CEBM have taken up where he left off. We are now ready to share the catalogue with the rest of the world for welcome feedback, discussion and further evolution. Additional input from Professor Sir Iain Chalmers.
This talk was held as part of the Practice of Evidence-Based Health Care course which is part of the Evidence-Based Health Care Programme.

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