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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 S2E2: Employment as Accelerator This episode’s conversation explores the practical ways in which jobs can be created as an intervention for young people on the African continent. Lukas Hensel, Kebba-Omar Jagne, Iyeyinka Kusi-Mensah, Elleke Boehmer 01 Feb 2022
2 S2E1: Narrative, intervention, motivation This episode is a conversation about how storytelling works in empowering ways in in situations of intervention in African contexts. Alude Mahali, Robert Muponde, Tamsen Rochat, Elleke Boehmer 01 Feb 2022
3 The Elders know Nothing: the Inversion of Tradition in the New Mining Context Ramon Sarró and Marina P. Temudo deliver paper at 'Cultural Production in Africa's Extractive Communities' workshop. Ramon Sarró, Marina P. Temudo 14 Dec 2019
4 Creative Commons Youth, insecurity and intimacy in the popular arts of the Niger Delta David Pratten delivers paper at 'Cultural Production in Africa's Extractive Communities' workshop. David Pratten 14 Dec 2019
5 Who drives change in Africa? In the second of our special two-part episode, we learn about Africa’s competitive advantages, shifting demographics, and the leadership challenges and opportunities faced by young people and women. Vera Songwe, Kola Adesina, Erik Hersman 16 Apr 2019
6 Militant masks: youth and insecurity in the Niger Delta David Pratten, the University of Oxford, presented the Anthropology Departmental Seminar on 9 November 2018 David Pratten 31 Jan 2019
7 Creative Commons Coming of Age in Hpa-an- Hope and Visions of the Good Life Justine Chambers speaks at the 'The Karen in 2017: Resilience, Aspirations and Politics' workshop on 15 June 2017. Justine Chambers 04 Jul 2018
8 OxPeace 2017: ‘Peace doesn’t exist’: Marginalised youths’ disengagement from Colombia’s peace process threatens the achievement of a lasting peace Young participants from a conflict-affected town express their ideas about peace, which contrast starkly with the country’s dominant optimism. Elena Butti 12 Jun 2017
9 OxPeace 2017: The role of formal and non-formal education for youth agency for peace: A synthesis report on findings from Myanmar, Pakistan, South Africa and Uganda Empirical insights from four country studies (Myanmar, Pakistan, South Africa and Uganda) on the topic of youth agency for peacebuilding. Mieke Lopes Cardozo 12 Jun 2017
10 Creative Commons FMR 54 - Resettlement of refugee youth in Australia: experiences and outcomes over time Findings from a longitudinal study of long-term resettlement experiences of refugee youth living in Melbourne. Celia McMichael, Caitlin Nunn, Ignacio Correa-Velez, Sandra M Gifford 22 Mar 2017
11 Making News for Young Adults? A Reuters podcast given by by Anna Doble, assistant editor, Newsbeat, BBC Radio 1. Anna Doble 28 May 2015
12 "The next day you are on the street": The tactics of time in managing welfare support to young people subject to immigration control as they make the transition to adulthood Part of the COMPAS Seminar Series Trinity 2014- Borders of the welfare state: Exploring the tensions between migration enforcement and welfare state entitlements Elaine Chase, Jenny Allsopp 29 Jul 2014
13 Creative Commons FMR 45 Adolescence, food crisis and migration Adolescents who migrate because of food crises face distinct risks. Specific strategies are needed to prevent and respond to this phenomenon. Janis Ridsdel 07 Apr 2014
14 From banlieue youth to undocumented migrant: Illegalized foreign-nationals in penal institutions and public space Carolina Sanchez Boe (Aarhus University) Carolina Sanchez Boe 31 Mar 2014
15 Creative Commons Writing news for young people Miranda Green, Editor, The Day, gives a talk for the Reuters seminar series about writing news for young people. Miranda Green 17 Jun 2013
16 Creative Commons FMR 36 Not going home: displaced youth after war In preparing for a post conflict DRC, we should be more aware of young people's aspirations, the opportunities open to them, and the challenges they face in building a decent life. Timothy Raeymaekers 08 Apr 2013
17 Creative Commons Special Session: The Revolution Continues: A Conversation part 2 Amr Salah, member of the Executive Board of the Revolutionary Youth Coalition, describes his role in the Coalition since 2011 and in the anti-Mubarak movement's organisations before the revolution. Amr Salah 25 May 2012
18 Creative Commons Surviving on the Margins: Youth and the Underground Oil Economy in the Niger Delta Paul Ugor (Birmingham) gives a talk for the African Studies Centre Seminar Series on 10th May 2012. Paul Ugor 15 May 2012
19 Creative Commons The August 2011 Riots: A Political Act Dr Kathryn Nwajiaku-Dahou (Politics Department, Oxford) gives a talk for the Oxford Symposium on the August 2011 Riots. Kathryn Nwajiaku-Dahou 27 Jan 2012
20 Creative Commons The Issue of Contemporary Education Policies and their impact on black youth Professor Gus John gives a talk for the Oxford Symposium on the August Riots. Gus John 03 Jan 2012
21 Creative Commons Pause - Reflection on the August Riots Martin Glynn, Birmingham City University, gives a talk for the Oxford Symposium on the August 2011 Riots. Martin Glynn 25 Oct 2011
22 Creative Commons Black Youth, Social Progression and Community Professor Cecile Wright, Nottingham Trent University and Jamaican Diaspora UK, gives a talk for the Oxford Symposium on the August 2011 Riots. Cecile Wright 25 Oct 2011