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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 At First Sight - Holly Bridge We discuss how the Brain processes vision. Alex von Klemperer, Samuel Picard, Paula Kaanders, Holly Bridge 08 Jun 2019
2 Creative Commons The Visual Brain: 'The House of Deceits of the Sight' Lecture given as part of Brain Awareness Week 2016 Christopher Kennard 22 Aug 2016
3 Creative Commons Carrots, spiders and red salt – a fascination with light capture in biology Using physics, chemistry and biology, the fascination with light capture in nature will be explained in a multi-coloured and animated well – prepare for six-eyed spiders, purple carrots and red salt. Anthony Watts 15 Dec 2015
4 Creative Commons A Fascination with Vision: What nature can teach us Professor Anthony Watts, C W Maplethorpe Fellow in Biological Sciences delivers a very interesting lecture entitled 'A Fascination with Vision: What nature can teach us'. Anthony Watts 12 Nov 2015
5 Creative Commons A role for the pulvinar following early life lesions of V1 NDCN Seminar on preservation of visual capacity despite injury to V1 James A. Bourne 15 Sep 2014
6 Creative Commons How to make your own eyeglasses for about one pound: an Oxford technology created to benefit the developing World Professor Joshua Silver talks about his invention of the self adjusting spectacles. Joshua Silver 27 Mar 2014