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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Book at Lunchtime: Charles Dickens and the Properties of Fiction - The Lodger World TORCH Book at Lunchtime webinar on Charles Dickens and the Properties of Fiction: The Lodger World by Dr Ushashi Dasgupta. Ushashi Dasgupta, Jeremy Tabling, Sophia Psarra, Wes Williams 10 Mar 2021
2 Unlocking the Church Book at Lunchtime, Unlocking the Church William Whyte, Dan Hicks, Julia Smith, Mark Chapman 11 Dec 2017
3 Late Victorian into Modern Book at Lunchtime, Late Victorian into Modern Laura Marcus, Kirsten Shepherd-Barr, Michael Bentley, Charlotte Jones 08 Dec 2017
4 The life of Oscar Wilde Oxford students discuss the life of Oscar Wilde. Aled Walker, Davis Rivera, Yannick Lambert, Conor Malloy 26 May 2016
5 In Pursuit of Beauty: Modern Guides to the Hair, Face, and Body, 1784-1933 Dr Jessica Clark discusses Victorian beauty practices with items from the Bodleian Libraries Special Collections. Jessica Clark 13 Oct 2015
6 Creative Commons 2. Wilde, Victorian and Modernist Sos Eltis gives the second lecture in her series on Oscar Wilde, focussing on his place in the modernist tradition. Sos Eltis 22 Oct 2013
7 Love and Sex in Victorian Fiction Victorian fiction is commonly thought of as treating love sentimentally and lacking all reference to sex. In this talk drawing on material from a book he is writing, Dr David Grylls, Fellow of Kellogg College, will contest such a view. David Grylls 04 Oct 2013
8 Creative Commons Why should we study Dickens? Dr Robert Douglas-Fairhurst of Magdalen College, Oxford, discusses his current research and proposes why we should still study Dickens. Robert Douglas-Fairhurst, Ilana Lassman 31 Jul 2013
9 Creative Commons Dickens' Railways Professor Stphen Gill, Lincoln College, gives a talk about the influence the Railways had on Charles Dickens' literature. Stephen Gill 26 Oct 2012
10 Creative Commons Oscar Wilde's Women Sophie Duncan introduces Oscar Wilde by setting him in an accurate historical context. Sophie Duncan 19 Sep 2012
11 Creative Commons Julian Thompson on Rudyard Kipling Dr Julian Thompson considers a writer described by Kingsley Amis as 'our greatest writer of short stories'. Julian Thompson 19 Sep 2012
12 Creative Commons 'Some exquisitely-dressed stage favourite': Shakespeare and the suffragettes In this talk, Sophie Duncan examines suffragists' interactions with Shakespeare and his works, as performers, directors, consumers and critics. Sophie Duncan 17 Jul 2012
13 Creative Commons A Discussion of Emily Dickinson's 'I started early, took my dog'. Dr Sally Bayley presents an illuminating reading of Emily Dickinson's 'I started early, took my dog'. In her reading, she seeks out allusions to Shakespearean plays including Hamlet and The Merchant of Venice. She then answers questions about the poem. Sally Bayley 16 Jul 2012
14 Creative Commons Why Dickens? Dr Robert Douglas-Fairhurst talks of Dickens' life and influences and why these have made his works so popular. Robert Douglas-Fairhurst 02 Mar 2012
15 Steampunk Exhibition Short video about the Steampunk exhibition, from the Museum of the History of Science until February 2010 with the museum's director, Jim Bennett, explaining the various exhibits. Jim Bennett 10 Dec 2009