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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Legally Married: Love and Law in the UK and the US - Book Launch Scot Peterson and Iain McLean discuss their new book, which explores the facts and opinions behind the legislating of same-sex marriage in the United Kingdom and the United States Scot Peterson, Iain McLean, Max Goplerud, Richard Johnson 07 Apr 2014
2 Creative Commons FMR 44 New models for alternatives to detention in the US While there is growing recognition of the value of community-based alternatives to detention in the US, shortfalls in funding and political will are hindering implementation of improved services and best practice. Megan Bremer, Kimberly Haynes, Nicholas Kang, Michael D Lynch 03 Oct 2013
3 Creative Commons FMR 42 LGBT refugee resettlement in the US: emerging best practices US refugee resettlement agencies are directing more attention and effort toward assisting LGBT refugees and asylum seekers, and best practices are beginning to emerge. Scott Portman, Daniel Weyl 10 May 2013
4 Creative Commons FMR 35 Resettlement for disabled refugees Over the past few decades there have been some positive (albeit inconsistent) changes in US refugee admissions policy as well as in UNHCR's guidelines for resettlement, especially relating to refugees with disabilities. Mansha Mirza 29 Mar 2013
5 He's got the whole world in his hands: US History and its discontents in the Obama Era Robin Kelley's inaugral lecture comments on the absence of discussion about race as connected to Barak Obama's presidency, particularly in light of American history and politics. Robin D Kelley 01 Dec 2009
6 Creative Commons China, US, global imbalances and the 2008 financial crisis Dr Yueh presents on China's position in the global economy, the indirect role played by China in the global financial crisis, and the implications of the crisis going forward. Linda Yueh 30 Nov 2009
7 Freedom from Oil Based on his book, Freedom from Oil, Sandalow gives a public lecture which draws on both his government experience and energy expertise to explore options, shape solutions and create national policy to address the United States' oil addiction. David Sandalow 14 Apr 2008