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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Between knowledge and power: Understanding how international organisations see migration Antoine Pécoud (University of Paris 13) critically analyses the reports produced by international organisations on migration, shedding light on the way these actors frame migration and develop their recommendations on how it should be governed Antoine Pécoud 11 Nov 2016
2 FMR 53 - The role of community centres in offering protection: UNHCR and Al Ghaith Association in Yemen Community centres play an important role in offering protection for displaced communities, particularly for members of those communities who have specific needs. Nicolas Martin-Achard, Al Ghaith Association 11 Oct 2016
3 UNHCR's protection guidelines: what role for external voices? Guy Goodwin-Gill gives a talk for the Refugee Studies Centre podcast series. Guy Goodwin-Gill 23 Jun 2015
4 Understanding global refugee policy: the case of naturalisation in Tanzania Dr James Milner gives a talk for the Refugee Studies Centre seminar series. James Milner 23 Jun 2015
5 UNHCR's urban refugee policy Dr Jeff Crisp and MaryBeth Morand give a talk for the Refugee Studies Centre podcast series. Jeff Crisp, Beth Morand 23 Jun 2015
6 Creative Commons FMR 48: ‘Welcoming the stranger’ and UNHCR’s cooperation with faith-based organisations Since its creation in 1950, UNHCR has engaged with faith-based organisations, faith communities and faith leaders in carrying out its work. Recently, UNHCR has been more actively exploring the role of faith in humanitarian responses. José Riera, Marie-Claude Poirier 03 Jun 2015
7 Creative Commons The rise and decline of a global security actor: UNHCR, refugee protection and security Public Seminar Series, Hilary term 2014. Seminar by Dr Anne Hammerstad (University of Kent), recorded on 12 March 2014 at the Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford. Anne Hammerstad 26 Mar 2014
8 Restoring rights: forced displacement, protection and humanitarian action Annual Harrell-Bond Lecture 2010 by António Guterres (UN High Commisioner for Refugees) recorded on 13 October 2010 at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History António Guterres 28 Jan 2014
9 Creative Commons FMR 44 UNHCR in Uganda: better than its reputation suggests Mistrust and fear abound among Rwandan refugees in Uganda. The dearth of information available about cessation urgently needs to be addressed by UNHCR. Will Jones 04 Oct 2013
10 Creative Commons FMR 44 Detention under scrutiny UNHCR's new detention guidelines challenge governments to rethink their detention policies and to consider alternatives to detention in every case. Alice Edwards 25 Sep 2013
11 Creative Commons FMR 42 New UNHCR SOGI Guidelines New UNHCR SOGI Guidelines. Editors 10 May 2013
12 Creative Commons FMR 38 Language training in the Czech Republic Language skills are crucial for the integration of refugees into the local community. In the Czech Republic, all persons granted international protection have the legal right to language tuition but there are shortcomings in provision. Markéta Bačáková 08 May 2013
13 Creative Commons FMR 38 Luxembourg-UNHCR-Skype synergies A recent strategic partnership between UNHCR, the Government of Luxembourg and communications software provider Skype is keeping UNHCR staff in hardship locations in touch with their families and friends. Antoine Bertout, Marc de Bourcy, Mohammad Faisal 16 Apr 2013
14 Creative Commons FMR 36 The road from Kabul New UNHCR research investigates the motivations for and challenges associated with the migration of young Afghans to Europe. Lucia Cipullo, Jeff Crisp 09 Apr 2013
15 Creative Commons FMR 35 The case for a Conclusion Why support UNHCR's proposed ExCom Conclusion on Disability. Brendan Joyce 08 Apr 2013
16 Creative Commons FMR 35 In-house (dis)ability In May 2007 UNHCR established an internal working group to look at developing in-house policies for people with disabilities both for the benefit of people of concern to us and for staff members. Safak Pavey 08 Apr 2013