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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Expulsion as Statecraft: Histories of Violence from the Asian Expulsion of 1972 to the Banyarwanda Crisis of 1982 Alicia Decker (Penn State) as part of the Conference - Expulsion: Uganda’s Asians and the Remaking of Nationality Alicia Decker 27 Jun 2022
2 Creative Commons Insecurities of Expulsion: Race, Violence, Citizenship and Afro-Asian Entanglements in Transregional Uganda Anneeth Kaur Hundle (UC Irvine) as part of the Conference - Expulsion: Uganda’s Asians and the Remaking of Nationality Anneeth Kaur Hundle 27 Jun 2022
3 Creative Commons Don't call yourselves Asian! Uganda's Indians and the problem of naming Taushif Kara (Cambridge) as part of the Conference - Expulsion: Uganda’s Asians and the Remaking of Nationality Taushif Kara 27 Jun 2022
4 Creative Commons Making Victory Visible in Idi Amin's Uganda Derek Peterson (Michigan) as part of the Conference - Expulsion: Uganda’s Asians and the Remaking of Nationality Derek Peterson 27 Jun 2022
5 Creative Commons Afrocentrism and the Indian Question: A Continental Reckoning with the Ugandan Expulsion Shobana Shanker (Stonybrook) as part of the Conference - Expulsion: Uganda’s Asians and the Remaking of Nationality Shobana Shanker 27 Jun 2022
6 The Politics and Peace and Justice: the Role of the ICC in Uganda Breakout session on ‘Peace and Transitional Justice’, third talk: Lydiah Kemunto Bosire, D.Phil. Candidate, Politics and International Relations, Oxford University. Lydiah Kemunto Bosire 18 Jan 2021
7 Creative Commons Colonial encounters in Acholiland and Oxford: The Anthropology of F.K.Girling and Okot p'Bitek For this podcast, we co-hosted Tim Allen of LSE with Oxford's Anthropology Department. Tim Allen 30 Nov 2020
8 Creative Commons Rethinking Work from A Uganda Marketplace William Monteith explores the marketplaces of Uganda, specifically larger ones in Kampala, to discuss how the differences between waged and non-waged labour are viewed. He also discusses the role of different types of work in this context. William Monteith 20 Nov 2019
9 FMR 55 - Reconstructing 'home' in northern Uganda An understanding of shelter in situations of displacement and return must take into consideration both material and non-material dimensions. Alice Anderson-Gough 13 Jul 2017
10 Transitional Justice and Political Economies of Survival in Northern Uganda Anna Macdonald gives a talk for the OTJR Seminar Series. Anna Macdonald 27 Mar 2017
11 Creative Commons FMR 54 Post-deportation mini-feature - A grim return: post-deportation risks in Uganda Neither the UK nor Uganda monitors what happens during and after deportation by the UK of failed Ugandan asylum seekers, despite evidence of violence and grave abuses of individuals' human rights. Charity Ahumuza Onyoin 16 Mar 2017
12 International Criminal Justice as Political Strategy: Judicial Extraversion and Agency in Uganda and Colombia Dr Yuna Han, Postdoctoral Researcher in International Relations, European University Institute gives a talk for the OTJR seminar seires on 19th October 2016. Yuna Han 15 Nov 2016
13 FMR 53 - Northern Uganda: protection in displacement, protection on return In the absence of international or state assistance and protection, community members in northern Uganda stepped in to fill this vacuum both during displacement and throughout the laborious return process following the conflict’s end. Denise Dunovant 12 Oct 2016
14 FMR 53 - Rethinking support for communities' self-protection strategies: a case study from Uganda Local communities will continue to find ways to address the risks that confront them with or without humanitarian support but the international community may be able to enhance these solutions. Jessica A Lenz 12 Oct 2016
15 FMR 52 - Uganda’s approach to refugee self-reliance Uganda has chosen inclusion over marginalisation; rather than coerce refugees into camps, Uganda upholds their rights to work, to attend school and to move freely. Kelly T Clements, Timothy Shoffner, Leah Zamore 12 Jul 2016
16 FMR 52 - Limitations of development-oriented assistance in Uganda In camp-like settlements, the aid provided by aid agencies with a development orientation can do little more than improve livelihood conditions. Ulrike Krause 12 Jul 2016
17 FMR 52 General - Responding to LGBT forced migration in East Africa Following the passage of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act in December 2013, hundreds of LGBT individuals fled to Kenya seeking safety. Gitta Zomorodi 07 Jul 2016
18 Rape Justice and Social Harmony in Northern Uganda Dr Holly Porter, gives a talk for the Oxford Transitional Justice Research Seminar series on 24th February 2016. Holly Porter 04 Mar 2016
19 Creative Commons FMR 48 - Refugees’ integration in Uganda will require renewed lobbying A legal decision about whether refugees in Uganda can become citizens continues to be delayed. Georgia Cole 03 Jun 2015
20 The ICC and 'Non'-Sense Non-State Parties, Non-Interventions and Non-Targets Dr. Mark Kersten gives a talk for the OTJR seminar series on 9th February 2015 at 5pm Mark Kersten 26 May 2015
21 Creative Commons FMR 44 UNHCR in Uganda: better than its reputation suggests Mistrust and fear abound among Rwandan refugees in Uganda. The dearth of information available about cessation urgently needs to be addressed by UNHCR. Will Jones 04 Oct 2013
22 Creative Commons Opportunities and risk: enacting socio-cultural transformation in refugee camps in Uganda Public Seminar Series, Trinity term 2013. Seminar by Tania Kaiser (School of Oriental and African Studies) recorded on 24 April 2013 at the Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford. Tania Kaiser 13 May 2013
23 Creative Commons FMR 41 Post-conflict land insecurity threatens re-displacement in northern Uganda For many in northern Uganda, access to land and property remains an unresolved issue that threatens peace and sustainable returns. Levis Onegi 08 May 2013
24 Creative Commons FMR 38 Refugees enjoy freedom to surf in Uganda Refugees enjoy freedom to surf in Uganda. Angella Nabwowe-Kasule 08 May 2013
25 Creative Commons Comparing Multidensional and Monetary Poverty in Uganda Comparing Multidensional and Monetary Poverty in Uganda. Sebastian Levine 24 Apr 2013
26 Creative Commons The citizenship market: trading identities in East Africa and the Great Lakes Public Seminar Series, Michaelmas term 2012. Seminar by Dr Katy Long (London School of Economics and Political Science) recorded on 24 October 2012 at the Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford. Dr Katy Long 26 Oct 2012
27 Creative Commons Challenges of peace talks and mediation - Does it address the question of justice?' Betty Bigombe, Ugandan MP, State Minister for Water Resources, and Ugandan Peace Negotiator gives a talk for the OTJR seminar series on 7th February. Part of the Oak series on Amnesty. Betty Bigombe 21 Feb 2012
28 Uruguay: Struggles against Impunity and Barriers to Justice for Crimes under International Law Co-Hosted with Amnesty International, Dr. Francesca Lessa, Research Assistant, Latin American Centre, University of Oxford gives a talk for the OTJR seminar series. Francesca Lessa, Christopher Hall 02 Dec 2011
29 Protection for Sale? War and the Transformation of Regulation on the Congo-Ugandan Border Timothy Raeymakers, University of Ghent gives a talk for the Extra-Legal Governance Institute on War and the Transformation of Regulation on the Congo-Ugandan Border. Timothy Raeymakers 18 Aug 2010
30 Uganda Roundtable: Researching the movements of and Ugandan military campaign against the Lord's Resistance Army in eastern Congo, southern Sudan and Central African Republic. A round table discussion led by Professor Ron Atkinson, Director of African Studies, University of South Carolina. Part of the Oxford Transitional Justice Research Seminar Series, Trinity 2010. Ron Atkinson 21 Jun 2010
31 Annual Harrell-Bond Lecture 2009 : Beyond Blankets: in search of political deals and durable solutions for the displaced This podcast was recorded at the Refugee Studies Centre's Annual Harrell-Bond Lecture which was on Wednesday 18th November 2009 at the Museum of Natural History, University of Oxford. Jan Egeland 27 Nov 2009