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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 A Lament for the Earth This episode will address the challenge to nature poetry. Alice Oswald 14 Mar 2022
2 Exploring the treetops with Tim Kovar In this episode, Julia and Sofia talk to tree climber Tim Kovar about trees, inclusivity and connecting people with nature. Tim Kovar, Sofia Castello y Tickell, Julia Migne 17 Jan 2022
3 Creative Commons Seeing the Wood for the Trees (Part II) We take a walk around a local park to admire more winter trees and see why conifers win over broadleaved trees as we move further North, but even they have to drop their needles during the winter in the farthest reaches of the Boreal forest. Lindsay Turnbull 25 Jan 2021
4 Creative Commons Seeing the Wood for the Trees In winter the bones of the trees are laid bare, giving us a chance to see their skeletons. Join Lindsay as she takes a tour round Wytham Woods in Oxford, showing you how to identify our common native trees from their bark and the shape of their branches. Lindsay Turnbull 07 Jan 2021
5 Creative Commons The OneOak Project:using science and art to revive Britain's wood culture Part of the Future of Crops lecture series delivered at the Oxford Botanic Gardens. Gabriel Hemery 19 Jan 2011