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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Panel 5: Competing Visions of Tahrir: In Search of Antistructure: The Meaning of Tahrir Square in Egypt's Ongoing Social Drama Mark Peterson examines meaning construction and the 'iterations' of Tahrir Square gatherings in the unfolding experience of the ongoing revolution. Mark Peterson 25 May 2012
2 Panel 5: Competing Visions of Tahrir: Contesting Visions and Public Spaces in Cairo Aya Nassar examines the imagery and negotiation of place membership unfolding in public spaces such as Tahrir Square. Aya Nasar 25 May 2012
3 Creative Commons Special Session: The Revolution Continues: A Conversation part 2 Amr Salah, member of the Executive Board of the Revolutionary Youth Coalition, describes his role in the Coalition since 2011 and in the anti-Mubarak movement's organisations before the revolution. Amr Salah 25 May 2012
4 Creative Commons Panel 3: The Language of Revolution: University on the Square Documentation Project: A glimpse into the Economic and Business History Research Center's Contribution Randa Kaldas of the American University in Cairo discusses the unfolding oral history project on the Egyptian revolution based at the American University in Cairo. Randa Kaldas 25 May 2012
5 Creative Commons Panel 2 | Movements and Mobilisation Horizontalism on the Nile: what does it mean to say that the Egyptian uprising of 2011 was leaderless/or leaderful? And does it matter? John Chalcraft of the London School of Economics examines horizontalist mobilisation and questions of ideological programme in the Egyptian revolution of 2011. John Chalcraft 25 May 2012
6 Creative Commons Opening Remarks: Examining a Revolution in Progress Reem Abou-El-Fadl, conference convener from the University of Oxford, explains the conference rationale and aims in examining the revolution 'in progress'. Reem Abou-El-Fadl 25 May 2012
7 Welcome Speech Stephen Whitefield, Head of Oxford's Department of Politics and International Relations, introduces the conference in the context of the Department's existing research. Stephen Whitefield 25 May 2012