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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Strachey Lecture: From classical to non-classical stochastic shortest path problems Professor Christel Baier delivers the Hillary Term 2024 Strachey Lecture Christel Baier 06 Feb 2024
2 Strachey Lecture: How Can Algorithms Help to Protect our Privacy In this term's Strachey lecture, Professor Monika Henzinger gives an introduction to differential privacy with an emphasis on differential private algorithms that can handle changing input data. Monika Henzinger 13 Nov 2023
3 Strachey Lecture: Use or Be Used - Regaining Control of AI It’s said that Henry Ford’s customers wanted “a faster horse”. If Henry Ford was selling us artificial intelligence today, what would the customer call for, “a smarter human”? Neil Lawrence 04 Sep 2023
4 Strachey Lecture: Steps Towards Super Intelligence Why has AI been so hard and what are the problems that we might work on in order to make real progress to human level intelligence, or even the super intelligence that many pundits believe is just around the corner? Rodney Brooks 20 Dec 2018
5 Creative Commons Strachey Lecture: Privacy-preserving analytics in, or out of, the cloud This talk is about the experience of providing privacy when running analytics on users’ personal data. Jon Crowcroft 16 Apr 2018
6 Strachey Lecture: The Continuing Evolution of C++ Stroustrup discusses the development and evolution of the C++, one of the most widely used programming languages ever. Bjarne Stroustrup 12 Dec 2017