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stone age

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Stone tools William Mills shows the range of stone tools early humans created for different purposes William Mills 13 Oct 2015
2 Creative Commons Environments of the past William Mills shows how all the technologies interact and how early humans used their environment and their ingenuity in their everyday liv William Mills 13 Oct 2015
3 Art The Living in the Stone Age team create a piece of artwork on deerskin using natural pigments made from charcoal, chalk and ochre. Iain Morley, William Mills, Cory Cuthbertson, Kint Janulis 13 Oct 2015
4 Music Iain Morley talks about evidence of music making in the Stone Age and makes a bull roarer. Iain Morley 13 Oct 2015
5 Fish trapping Klint Janulis makes a fish trap using willow and flint tools Klint Janulis 13 Oct 2015
6 Fire starting using flint, Iron pyrites and fungus Manse Ahmad uses King Alfred Cake and Horse hoof fungus, flint and Iron pyrites to raise a flame. Manse Ahmad 13 Oct 2015
7 Fire starting using a bow drill Manse Ahmad demonstrates fire starting using friction and pressure Manse Ahmad 13 Oct 2015
8 Fire Lighting Ancient and Modern Manse Ahmad talks about the importance of fire and talks about the how ingenious early humans were in creating fire, something that is so easy for us to do today. Manse Ahmad 13 Oct 2015
9 Creative Commons Stone Age Technology Klint Janulis and Iain Morley introduce the series of films Klint Janulis, Iain Morley 13 Oct 2015
10 Societies in Transition: Early Metallurgy Around the World Professor David Killick (Dept. Anthropology, University of Arizona) talks about the invention of metallurgy and the transition from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age and what the social roles of emerging metallurgy were in societies throughout the world. David Killick 24 Mar 2009