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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons The Aftermath of Forced Return With the help of our panel, we discuss forced return migration and the different power dynamics at play. What are the difficulties of forced returnees to home countries and what are the differences between the wealth and influence of certain states? Matthew Gibney, Guadalupe Chavez, Maggie Loredo 27 Jun 2023
2 The Duty to Prevent Atrocity Crimes: Operationalising State Obligations From the instant that a State receives an early warning that mass atrocities are likely to occur, what, precisely, is it required to do in response? Shannon Raj Singh 19 Feb 2020
3 Creative Commons Birth tourism from China and Taiwan to the United States: cosmopolitan strategies and aspirations Sean Wang (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin) delivered this seminar as part of the COMPAS/Fertility and Reproduction Studies Group series on 11 February 2019 Sean Wang 08 Jul 2019
4 The Analogy between States and International Organizations An analogy between States and international organizations has characterised the development of the law that applies to intergovernmental institutions on the international plane. Fernando Bordin 06 Nov 2018
5 Creative Commons FMR 43 From the Editors From the editors. The editors 09 Aug 2013
6 Creative Commons FMR 41 The tool box at states' disposal to prevent displacement: a Swiss perspective A harmful action that is looming and has not yet taken place is difficult for third-party states to denounce or counter. A whole range of measures and methodologies is at their disposal enabling them to contribute to the prevention of forced displacement. Isabelle Gómez Truedsson 08 May 2013
7 Creative Commons 10. Who's afraid of population decline? Fear of population decline has haunted states ever since states existed. Population size was the basis of the power, security and prosperity of any political entity. Slides to accompany Professor David Coleman's on the fear of population decline. David Coleman 16 Jul 2012