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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Episode 5: A Yogācāra Buddhist Theory of Metaphor and cross-cultural philosophy with Dr. Roy Tzohar In this episode, MPhil Buddhist Studies students Cody Fuller and alicehankwinham interview Professor Tzohar (associate professor in the East and South Asian Studies Department at Tel Aviv University). Cody Fuller, alicehankwinham, Roy Tzohar 04 Nov 2021
2 Episode 4: Academic, Moral, and Spiritual Philosophy from the Ramakrishna Order Dylan Watts (UG physics and philosophy) and Aamir Kaderbhai (MSt study of religion) interview Swami Medhananda, ordained monk of the Ramakrishna Order and Senior Research Fellow at the Ramakrishna Institute of Moral and Spiritual Education, Mysore, India Dylan Watts, Aamir Kaderbha, Swami Medhananda 04 Nov 2021
3 'Were the Disciples Mad?' Theology and Mental Health Seminar Starting from a re-evaluation of health from its spiritual and sentient dimensions, this interdisciplinary seminar explores faith and religious experiences from the perspective of recent advances in our understanding of mental health and brain function. Alex Popescu, James Ramsay, David Foreman 27 Nov 2019
4 The Remedy: Introduction In this short podcast, Naomi Richman introduces the series, 'The Remedy' by offering some history and context to contemporary discussions about health and healing. Naomi Richman 08 May 2017
5 The Remedy: Christianity In this episode, Naomi Richman interviews Rev. Jody Stowell about Christian attitudes to health and understandings of healing. Starting by looking at Jesus' treatment of the sick, they move on to discussing the role of faith-healing in today's context. Naomi Richman, Jody Stowell 16 Nov 2016
6 Creative Commons Religion and Spirituality in Global Governance This featured as the final talk in the 'Religion, Spirituality and Global Governance' interdisciplinary conference in May 2012. Christer Jönsson, Alistair Edgar, Pamela Sue Anderson, Rama Mani 17 Sep 2012
7 Religion, Spirituality and Global Governance : Welcome Comments This featured as the first talk in the 'Religion, Spirituality and Global Governance' interdisciplinary conference in May 2012. Richard Caplan, Alistair Edgar, Timothy Sisk 17 Sep 2012
8 Letters from Vienna - Freud's correspondence with Pastor Oskar Pfister Sacred Psychoanalysis: the place of religion and spirituality in contemporary psychoanalysis. Delivered by Dr Alistair Ross. Alistair Ross 16 Feb 2011