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soviet union

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Reflexive Control Theory: a Soviet perspective on influence and why it matters in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine Maria de Goeij provides a brilliant introduction to reflexive control theory, a Soviet theory of influence. Listen to learn more and appreciate how it can help us better understand today's world, including strategic decision making in hybrid warfare. Maria de Goeij 31 May 2022
2 Creative Commons From Russia to Bombay, from Bombay to Soviet Union and back: The journey of Annabhau Sathe’s Maza Russia cha Pravas. Part of the International conference on Maharashtra in September 2021 - Anagha Bhat Behere, SPPU, Pune Anagha Bhat Behere 21 Dec 2021
3 Soviet Supermen and the Autistic State Interdisciplinary lecture given by Alex Popescu following his Tyler Research Fellowship at UTAS, Australia. Alex Popescu 27 Nov 2019
4 Episode 2: We Grow out of the Past Interview with UK poet and translator Sasha Dugdale, author of Red House (2011) and Joy (2017) Sasha Dugdale, Adriana X Jacobs 01 May 2019
5 Creative Commons My Enemy's Enemy: India in Afghanistan from the Soviet Invasion to the US Withdrawal Avinash Paliwal speaks at the South Asia Seminar on 20 February 2018. Avinash Paliwal 13 Mar 2018
6 Cleaning up and moving on A discussion of Kazakhstan's 'nuclear renaissance' and the transformation of the region from nuclear test site to wasteland to a centre for civilian research. Anthropology Departmental Seminar by Catherine Alexander of Durham (28 November 2014) Catherine Alexander 29 Jan 2015
7 Creative Commons The secret dollhouse: craft and resistance in Stalinist Estonia My presentation will focus on the subject of nonprofessional craft as a tool of resistance against the official power. I will be concentrating on one particular case study from Soviet Estonia, dating from the 1940s. Triin Jerlei 30 Sep 2014
8 How the Beatles Rocked The Kremlin: Tales in the Cultural Shifts that Brought Down the Soviet Union Part of our lecture series for Hilary Term 2013, given in the JCR at Mansfield College by Leslie Woodhead. Leslie Woodhead 06 Jan 2014