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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons A Roman Intelligence Officer A Roman Intelligence Officer stationed in Britain. Alison Cooley, Jane Masséglia, Hannah Cornwell 12 May 2015
2 Creative Commons A Roman Soldier's plaque to Hercules The Roman soldier who went to Newcastle and punched Hercules. Alison Cooley, Jane Masséglia, Hannah Cornwell 12 May 2015
3 Clothing Soldiers: Development of an organised system of production and supply of military clothing in England between 1645 and 1708 This paper will set up and identify certain needs that a soldier's clothing of this period had to satisfy Katherine Elliott 21 Oct 2014
4 Creative Commons Taking Soldiers Seriously ELAC/CCW Seminar Series podcast with Professor Cheyney Ryan (Oregon/ ELAC Visiting Fellow) on 22 May 2012. Cheyney Ryan 23 May 2012
5 Creative Commons Alisa Miller: 'Selling Patriotism: Rupert Brooke in the First World War' Alisa Miller takes a look at the 'Rupert Brooke cult', examining why this particular poet was so popular during the First World War, both with the general public and the soldier, at home and abroad. Alisa Miller 26 Jan 2010
6 Tim Kendall: 'Ivor Gurney: First War Poet' Professor Tim Kendall considers what composer and poet Ivor Gurney understood by the phrase 'war poet' and how he saw his own work as belonging to (and eminent amidst) a tradition of writing about war. Tim Kendall 26 Jan 2010