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social protection

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Cross border migration as the transnational social question Thomas Faist shows how the 'transnational social question' relates to political conflicts around the inequalities connected to cross-border migration in immigration and emigration contexts Thomas Faist 03 Mar 2016
2 Creative Commons Hyper-mobile migrant workers and the lack of social protection within the European Union: a case study from the Netherlands Case study of hyper-mobile migrants employed on large-scale construction sites in the Netherlands, highlighting the ways these workers express their agency in dealing with a cross-border employment context in which social protection is difficult to access Lisa Berntsen 26 Nov 2015
3 Creative Commons Access to social protection for internal migrants and the obstacles to adequate coverage The main destinations of migrants are the mega cities and other urban areas, yet governments are ill-prepared to receive this large influx of people and internal migrants are exposed to a new set of risks and vulnerabilities. Jessica Hagen-Zanker 19 Nov 2015
4 Reverse welfare magnet Would a narrower gap in social services provision help to manage migration from developing countries? Edo Mahendra 09 Nov 2015
5 Creative Commons The changing face of social protection in Africa's cities Examining how social protection is conceptualised in research in African contexts and reviewing the extent to which these different approaches can take into account the changing populations of urban spaces, especially those experiencing high migration Oliver Bakewell 03 Nov 2015
6 Creative Commons Legislating for transnational ageing: a challenge for the Dutch and French welfare states What motivates policymakers to initially develop these very specifically-targeted policy proposals which contradict the territorial logic of the welfare state? Alistair Hunter 26 Oct 2015