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social justice

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons The past, present, and future of education Princess Agina reflects on her career journey and takes us through the systemic issues impacting the state of education. Lakshmi C, Princess Agina 27 Jul 2022
2 Creative Commons How the Coronavirus Pandemic Exacerbates Existing Inequalities An interview with Dr Agomoni Ganguli-Mitra. Agomoni Ganguli-Mitra, Katrien Devolder 21 Apr 2020
3 David Nicholls Memorial Trust Annual Lecture 2019, Apocalypse now? Climate violence and sacrifice in and for the Caribbean Apocalypse now? Climate violence and sacrifice in and for the Caribbean by Dr Leon-Sealey Huggins (YPCCS and Global Sustainable Development, University of Warwick) Leon-Sealey Huggins 23 Oct 2019
4 Surviving the cash crunch: Bhekisisa's road to non-profit health and social justice journalism Mia Malan, journalist, gives a talk for the Reuters Institute seminar series. Mia Malan 18 Oct 2019
5 Networked News, Racial Divides: How Power and Privilege Shape Public Discourse Sue Robinson, Professor of Journalism in UW-Madison’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, explores the relationship between race, power and privilege in American journalism, in this seminar. Sue Robinson 17 May 2019
6 Creative Commons Classics and Social Justice An APGRD public lecture in October 2017: Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz (Hamilton College) tells us about her work bringing Classics into prisons. Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz 20 Mar 2019
7 What Next for Social Policy Professor Fiona Williams explores how contemporary social movements – especially those around gender, race, migration, disability, austerity and the environment – pose material, political and ethical questions as to how we are to live our lives. Fiona Williams 09 Nov 2018
8 Still Brave? U.S Black Feminism as a Social Justice Project Professor Patricia Hill Collins talks on black feminism today in 'Still Brave? U.S Black Feminism as a Social Justice Project Patricia Hill Collins 22 Jun 2015
9 A Path So Twisted: Thinking Wildly With and Through Punk-Feminisms Professor Jack Halberstam discusses trigger warnings and social justice in 'A Path So Twisted’: Thinking Wildly With and Through Punk-Feminisms'. Jack Halberstam 22 Jun 2015
10 Mobile learning in global health training. What about social justice? Niall discusses emerging findings from the ESRC/DFID­funded project "mCHW: a mobile  learning intervention for community health workers”.  Niall Winters 19 Feb 2015
11 Creative Commons Can Generations be Treated Equally? Professor Asheim, Department of Economics, University of Oslo, gives a talk for the Oxford Martin School Hilary Term Seminar Series 2011 Intergenerational Justice: What do we owe future generations? Geir Asheim 24 Aug 2011
12 Early Childhood Poverty and Adult Attainment Professor Greg Duncan discusses the connections between poverty and child development, and suggests social policy strategies to improve the welfare of children in poverty. Greg Duncan 14 Apr 2009
13 The long hard road to democracy and social justice A lecture given by retired Labour MP Tony Benn at Wolfson College, Oxford. The lecture is introduced by Prof Richard Sorabji. Tony Benn 11 Dec 2008