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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Orientalism and the Language of the Middle East Lillie Sullivan, Piotr Schulkes, and Hajar Meddah discuss what the Middle East as a region is and how it is portrayed in academia and the media. Piotr Schulkes, Hajar Meddah, Lillie Sullivan 02 Nov 2020
2 Female Entrepreneurship in the Middle East Frederike Brockhoven sits down with Rania Ayman of Entreprenelle, Yasmeen Mjalli of Babyfist, and Lina Khalifeh of Shefighter to discuss female entrepreneurship in the Middle East. Frederike Brockhoven, Rania Ayman, Lina Khalifeh 07 Oct 2020
3 Creative Commons Challenges and Opportunities for Women and Girls in Myanmar Janet Jackson speaks at the 'Gender, Rights and Justice in a Transitioning Myanmar' conference on 13 November 2017. Janet Jackson 04 Jul 2018
4 Creative Commons Neoliberalism Workshop: Contradictions in liberal reforms: The regulation of labour subcontracting Guy Mundlak, Professor at The Buchmann Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University, gives a talk for the Neoliberalism workshop. Guy Mundlak 11 Dec 2015
5 Citizenship, Religious Rights and State Identity in Arab Constitutions: Who Is Free and What Are They Free to Do? A talk from Nathan Brown, Elliott School of International Affairs, at AALIMS - Oxford Conference on Political Economy of Islam and Muslim Societies. Nathan Brown 28 May 2015
6 Creative Commons Clarendon Law Lecture Series 2014: The Jurisprudence of Corrective Justice Part One Professor Ernest Weinrib - Cecil A. Wright Professor of Law, University of Toronto - held on 4th, 6th and 12th November 2014 Ernie Weinrib 15 Dec 2014
7 Barnett House Centenary Reunion Weekend Keynote Lecture Magdalena Sepulveda, United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, gives the keynote lecture for the Department of Social Policy and intervention Barnet House Centenary Weekend. Magdalena Sepulveda 14 Jul 2014
8 Brave New World: how women can lead the way In this provocative talk that celebrates women past, present and future, Clare Shine explores what it will take for women to overcome the ties that still hold them back—and lead. The Lady White Lecture 2014 at St Johns College. Clare Shine 23 Apr 2014
9 Keeping our secrets? Shaping internet technologies for the public good The Internet and related technologies, like smartphones and social networking services, are now a pervasive part of British life. Connected cars, smart cities, and ambient loos are coming soon. Ian Brown 24 Mar 2014
10 Creative Commons The price of rights: regulating international migration Public Seminar Series, Michaelmas term 2013. Seminar by Dr Martin Ruhs (University of Oxford) recorded on 4 December 2013 at the Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford. Martin Ruhs 14 Jan 2014
11 Creative Commons FMR 44 No change: foreigner internment centres in Spain Draft regulations for the running of Spain's Foreigner Internment Centres fall far short of the hopes and demands of those campaigning for better guarantees of the rights of detainees. Cristina Manzanedo 03 Oct 2013
12 Creative Commons FMR 43 The displaced claiming their rights in fragile states To date, displaced persons in fragile and conflict-affected states have had little success in claiming their rights for housing, land and property violations. Creative legal thinking and strategic litigation has the potential to change this. Antonia Mulvey 09 Aug 2013
13 Discovery of Women Professor Amartya Sen delivers a Distinguished Public Lecture on 'Discovery of Women', at Oxford. Amartya Sen 07 Jun 2013
14 Creative Commons Constitutionalism, ethnicity and minority rights in Africa: a legal appraisal from the Great Lakes region Public Seminar Series, Trinity term 2013. Seminar by Dr Jeremie Gilbert (University of East London) recorded on 22 May 2013 at the Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford. Jeremie Gilbert 24 May 2013
15 The rights of journalism and the needs of audiences Baroness Onora O'Neill delivers the 2011 Reuters Memorial Lecture, followed by a panel discussion chaired by Lord Patten, chancellor of Oxford University. Onora O'Neill, Michael Parks, Stephen Abell, Stewart Purvis 09 Feb 2012
16 Rights, Liability, and the Moral Equality of Combatants Professor Uwe Steinhoff (University of Hong Kong) gives a talk for the ELAC/CCW Seminar series on 9th Nov 2011. Uwe Steinhoff 17 Nov 2011
17 Contract, Obligation, Rights and Reciprocity in the New Modern Welfare State This lecture, delivered by Lord Raymond Plant on 18 April 2007, opened the inaugural workshop in the Foundation's programme on 'The Social Contract Revisited'. Raymond Plant 11 Aug 2008