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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Episode 5: A Yogācāra Buddhist Theory of Metaphor and cross-cultural philosophy with Dr. Roy Tzohar In this episode, MPhil Buddhist Studies students Cody Fuller and alicehankwinham interview Professor Tzohar (associate professor in the East and South Asian Studies Department at Tel Aviv University). Cody Fuller, alicehankwinham, Roy Tzohar 04 Nov 2021
2 Creative Commons Reid and Common Sense Realism Part two of Professor Dan Robinson's examination of Reid's critique of David Hume. Dan Robinson 14 May 2014
3 Creative Commons The “representational” theory of knowledge Professor Dan Robinson, Oxford University, delivers the first part of his series examining Reid's Critique of Hume. Dan Robinson 14 May 2014
4 Creative Commons Aristotle on the Happiness of the City Don Morison (Rice) gives a talk for the Power Structualism in Ancient Ontology series. Don Morison 18 Feb 2014
5 Creative Commons Victorian Realism and the Implied Reader Michael Whitworth, English Faculty, Oxford University, gives a lecture at the English Faculty Open day around Victorian literature. Michael Whitworth 06 Nov 2013
6 Marxism in IR and the challenge of Realism Andrew Davenport, DPhil candidate in the Department of International Relations at the University of Sussex, gives a talk on 2nd Feb 2012 for the Historical Materialism and International Relations seminar series. Andrew Davenport 23 Feb 2012
7 Realism Dr Catherine Brown, English Faculty, Oxford, gives a lecture exploring the nature of realism in verbal and visual art. Catherine Brown 08 Nov 2011
8 Creative Commons 6.4 Making Sense of Perception Part 6.4. A brief overview of contemporary accounts of perception; including phenomenalism (that objects are logical constructions from sense data) and direct realism (that we perceive objects and the external world directly). Peter Millican 30 Nov 2010