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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Collapsing Time with Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz The 2022 Terra Lectures in American Art centre on Latinx art, with an emphasis on Chicanx (Mexican American) artists, and the theme of migration – of people, ideas, and artworks, from the seventeenth century to today. Charlene Villaseñor Black 17 May 2022
2 They Called Us Hoodlums: Media, Desegregation and the 1959 Bermuda Theatre Boycotts’ Racialisation in (post)colonial Bermuda: Past and Present, talk 2. Dana Selassie 24 Jan 2022
3 Goin’ dahn de road’: Racialised dialect parody in Bermuda’ Racialisation in (post)colonial Bermuda: Past and Present, talk 3. Rosemary Hall 24 Jan 2022
4 ‘MY NAME IS SUE’: The Mother of Mary Prince and the Racialised Abdication of Bermuda in the Authentication of Her History’ Racialisation in (post)colonial Bermuda: Past and Present, talk 4. LeYoni Junos 18 Jan 2022
5 Memories Lost in the Triangle: An Exploration of Bermuda’s Social Conditioning Through Racial Amnesia’ Racialisation in (post)colonial Bermuda: Past and Present, talk 5. H. Alicia Kirby 18 Jan 2022
6 ‘Bermuda gombey (re)connections: Covering and recovering indigeneity in the Black Atlantic’ Racialisation in (post)colonial Bermuda: Past and Present, talk 6. Sydney Hutchinson 18 Jan 2022
7 Dr Ben Grant on 'Richard Francis Burton Dr Ben Grant, departmental lecturer in English and author of Postcolonialism, Psychoanalysis and Burton: Power Play of Empire (Routledge, 2009) reflects on Richard Francis Burton's sojourn in Oxford in the 1840s. Ben Grant 30 Nov 2020
8 Live Event: On Being Unprepared (For Our Own Times) TORCH Goes Digital! presents a series of weekly live events Big Tent - Live Events! Part of the Humanities Cultural Programme, one of the founding stones for the future Stephen A. Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities. Decolonisation the Curriculum Week. Margaret MacMillan, Homi K. Bhabha 13 Oct 2020
9 Who are (or were) the Cosmopolitans? Thoughts from multilingual India Who are (or were) the Cosmopolitans? Thoughts from multilingual India Francesca Orsini 05 Apr 2016
10 Creative Commons Postsocialist subject as a new other: global coloniality, border thinking and decolonial option Part of the COMPAS Seminar Series Michaelmas 2013: Rebordering: reflections in relation to (post)socialism Madina Tlostanova 11 Mar 2014
11 Creative Commons Achebe and the African Writers Series A special seminar held at the Postcolonial Writing and Theory Seminar at Wadham College on 2nd May 2013. James Currey, Becky Ayebia Clarke, Ruth Bush, Asha Rogers 10 Jul 2013
12 Islam, the ‘Originaires’ and the making of the public space in a colonial city: Saint Louis of Senegal Mamadou Diouf from the University of Columbia gives the 2009 African Studies Annual Lecture on the influence of Islam in Post-Colonial Africa, in particular, the public spaces of the former French Colonial City of St Louis in Senegal. Mamadou Diouf 16 Jun 2009
13 Introduction to Indian Literature in translation Professor Boehmer gives a short talk on her current research on Indian Literature in English, looking at the Post-Colonial world of literature and gives an introduction to studying World Literature in the Humanities Division. Elleke Boehmer 30 Apr 2009