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political philosophy

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Episode 7: The Limits of Academia with Professor Joy James Professor Joy James is the Ebenezer Fitch Professor of Humanities at Williams College. In this episode, Carlotta Hartmann speaks to her about coming to philosophy and the limits of academia. Joy James, Carlotta Hartmann 23 Nov 2021
2 Conservatism In this episode, Jan-Willem Prügel discusses the historical origins and philosophical characteristics of Conservatism with two brilliant Oxford students of the humanities. Jan-Willem Prügel, Edward McLaren, Raphael Heim 01 Nov 2021
3 The Caliphate of Man: Popular Sovereignty in Modern Islamic Thought Join us for the fourth MEC Booktalk episode where Dr Usaama al-Azami talks with guest author Andrew March about his new book, The Caliphate of Man: The Invention of Popular Sovereignty in Modern Islamic Thought, published by Harvard University Press, 2021 Usaama al-Azami, Andrew March 16 Feb 2021
4 Creative Commons Political philosophy and social policy: the concept of poverty Part of the 'Perspectives on Social Policy at Oxford' series, Hilary Term 2018 Jonathan Wolff 11 Jun 2018
5 Creative Commons Nihilism in the 21st Century: A Conversation with Pankaj Mishra, Shruti Kapila and David Priestland Pankaj Mishra, Shruti Kapila and David Priestland speak at St Antony's College on 3 May 2017 Pankaj Mishra, Shruti Kapila, David Priestland 27 Mar 2018
6 Creative Commons Buddhism, Politics and Political Thought in Myanmar Matthew J Walton (St Antony's) in discussion with Gustaaf Houtman (Mandalay) Matthew J. Walton, Gustaaf Houtman 14 Feb 2018
7 'David Miller's Political Philosophy' Panel 3 This panel includes two talks: 'Self-Determination, Revolution, and Intervention' and 'Multiculturalism, National Identity, and Failed Citizenship.' This conference was held to honour David Miller's contribution to political philosophy. Allen Buchanan, Patti Lenard, Jesse Tomalty 14 Oct 2015
8 'David Miller’s Political Philosophy' Keynote: Political Philosophy: Looking Back David Miller describes his experience in the field of political philosophy at a conference held in his honour. David Miller 14 Oct 2015
9 Creative Commons Ethics and politics Moral and Political Philosophy: how should we live? What constitutes a just state? Marianne Talbot 09 Jan 2009