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political economy

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 The political economy of Nigeria: challenges and opportunities for reform Join Professor Kingsley Moghalu, Oxford Martin Visiting Fellow on the Oxford Martin Programme on African Governance and former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, as he discusses the challenges and opportunities of Nigeria's political economy Kingsley Moghalu, Ricardo Soares de Oliveira 07 Dec 2021
2 Creative Commons The Political Economy of Business-State Deals in Indian States Kunal Sen speaks at the South Asia Seminar on 28 November 2017 Kunal Sen 13 Mar 2018
3 Creative Commons Trading with the Enemy: the Making of US Export Control Policy toward the People's Republic of China Dr Hugo Meijer gives a talk at the International Political Economy of East Asia seminar. Hugo Meijer 28 Mar 2016
4 Creative Commons Is the 21st Century Asia's? NB: The first minutes of the presentation were not recorded. Professor Danny Quah speaks at the International Politics of East Asia Seminar Danny Quah 24 Mar 2016
5 Creative Commons The Political Economy of Violence in the Middle East: What Questions Should the Social Scientist Ask? Seminar by Dr Adeel Malik (Globe Fellow, Islamic Centre Lecturer in the Economies of Muslim Societies) at the Middle East Centre, 12th February 2016. Adeel Malik 19 Feb 2016
6 Creative Commons Neoliberalism as Analytical Starting Point: Possibilities and Problems Introduced by Dr Amir Paz-Fuchs, Dr Eagleton-Pierce examines neoliberalism from an international political economy perspective. Matthew Eagleton-Price 11 Dec 2015
7 Creative Commons The Political Economy of Reconstituted Neoliberalism: Reflections on Bolivia and Latin American Neostructuralism Jeffery R. Webber, Senior Lecturer in International Relations at Queen Mary, University of London, gives a talk on 26th Jan 2012 for the Historical Materialism and International Relations seminar series. Jeff Webber 23 Feb 2012
8 Creative Commons Celebrating Gavin Williams: The political economy of development in an industrialising rural area of South India Judith Heyer gives a talk in the Agrarian Societies section of the Celebrating Gavin Williams conference, held in Oxford on 9-10 July 2010. Judith Heyer 23 Aug 2011