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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 An eco-bio-socio-political approach to anaemia in Peru Doreen Montag (Queen Mary College London) gave this presentation for the UBVO seminar on 13 February 2020 Doreen Montag 25 Feb 2021
2 15 years of longitudinal mixed methods research with children: Insights from Peru Young Lives’ Principal Investigators from Peru discuss what it takes to successfully administer a longitudinal mixed methods research study, working with children, and keeping attrition levels low. Mary Penny, Alan Sanchez, Lucie Cluver 07 Jul 2020
3 A Glimpse Into Contested Indigenous Peoples' Rights in Peru: The Forced Sterilization of Indigenous Women This study examines Peru's status of indigenous peoples' rights. Ñusta Carranza Ko 15 Jan 2019
4 Competing Memories: Truth and Reconciliation in Sierra Leone and Peru Rebekka Friedman (King’s College London) gives a talk for the OTJR Seminar Series. Rebekka Friedman 27 Nov 2017
5 Incorporating Ethnicity: Ethnodevelopment Policy in Latin America, 1985-2005 Professor Sarah Chartock discusses ethnodevelopment policies, illustrated with the cases of Peru, Ecuador and Guatemala. Sarah Chartock, Maya Tudor 01 Feb 2016
6 Creative Commons FMR 49 - The necessity for an ethnographic approach in Peru A movement of people is rarely explained by environmental or climatic factors alone. Therefore an analysis which does not take into consideration the cultural consequences of climate change for affected societies is incomplete. Geremia Cometti 18 Jun 2015
7 Negotiating nutrition: from baby to toddler in the Peruvian Andes In this Fertility and Reproduction Seminar Bronwen Gillespie (Sussex) examines the the use of Sprinkles, a multiple-micronutrient product recommended by the state, in Peru (13 October 2014) Bronwen Gillespie 13 Apr 2015
8 Creative Commons Robust pro-poorest poverty reduction with counting measures: the anonymous case The talk explores conditions under which a poverty reduction experience is robustly more “pro-poor” than another one, in the context of counting measures of multidimensional poverty Gaston Yalonetzky 05 Dec 2014
9 Creative Commons 'Before, During and After:' Artistic Narrative Representations of Peru's Internal Conflict Prof. Cynthia E. Milton, Professor of Latin American History, Université de Montréal gives a talk for the OTJR seminar series on 28th February. Cynthia E Milton 06 Mar 2012
10 Creative Commons Young Lives Project: Children's experiences of poverty, adversity and inequality This talk looks at the work done by the Young Lives Project, a study which tracks 12,000 children across 4 developing countries over a 15 year period trying to find a scientific answer to the question of the causes of childhood poverty. Jo Boyden 28 Oct 2009